U.G. Digital Mag: Thank you so much for your time man. I appreciate you taking the time today to knock this out…You’ve developed a very strong following on the underground circuit. What do you attribute this to? Why do you feel music fans have gravitated to you and your music?


Grandson: Mostly, I always attribute the ground floor to the internet. My brother and I had a group and we worked with MySpace. Passing out mixtapes. Events. On the net, then face to face. I think consistency is the main thing. If they only see you once in a while, then maybe. I come out 4 to 5 months a year. Then quality music speaks for itself.


U.G. Digital Mag: Knowing how rough your surroundings were, obviously you were able to escape the pitfalls, but how do you feel like you were affected by all that was happening around you? And how has that reflected in your music?


Grandson: It affected my younger years. Brushes with the law. Unfortunate situations. Being away from family at time. You can escape it. I didn’t focus on education so fell victim, but you learn from it. It’s a learning tool. Prison made me see that. It shows you that it gets no different if you keep doing the same thing.


U.G. Digital Mag: What has the climate been like around Virginia where you came up? Obviously a number of acts have come out of that area. Do you see that people look back for those who are looking to make it out?


Grandson: It’s pretty much like, I guess, everybody is trying to get away as fast as they can. There’s nothing here but those trying to make it. Nobody is here that made it. They may have studios, but you don’t see it. The underground climate is fierce. It’s strong and on the come up. I build a lot of camaraderie. DJ LES. He’s my mentor. He’s got a studio, and even some mainstream artists come through.


U.G. Digital Mag: How difficult has it been for you to make a name and build your career there?


Grandson: Oh man, it’s been very difficult. It’s all about really, doing what you don’t know. Once you know what you don’t know, then it gets better. I’ve been educating myself on the business side


U.G. Digital Mag: So talk to me about your new mixtape?


Grandson: Loot Skywalker. I felt like the actual Star Wars theme was relevant, because we want to take fans somewhere far away. People gravitate because of the different melodies, and hard edged sound. I use melodies that haven’t been used. Different production.


U.G. Digital Mag: What do you feel like you did differently this time around?


Grandson: Mainly, I’m doing a lot more singing on this album. Vocal singing. I usually mix it up more, but this one was more melodic and singing.


U.G. Digital Mag: So aside from the interviews, what else are you doing for promo? Are there any shows at all?


Grandson: We’re setting up for shows. I’m in the streets with the mixtapes. Promo events. I want to break a couple singles, videos, running out of time, and shorty got me gone. I want to get the streets going and the net going. I have a few viral videos coming out. The mixtape is coming with digital products, untitled, coming out at end of March, and the upcoming album is called Grand Opening.