What better way to re-introduce ourselves to the masses than with an interview from a group who, themselves, are sort of re-introducing themselves to the masses. Any hip-hop fan on the west coast knows exactly what Hoodstars have brought to the table. Formerly known as Dem Hoodstars, they’ve spent a number of years culminating their craft and delivering their gifts on their own terms in Hip-Hop.


While so many others are following the latest craze and doing what’s hot for the moment, Band-Aide and Scoot have worked hard to make their own way in this business. All that hard work nearly proved pointless, after an indictment and a gang or rumors and negative press almost silenced their careers. Now, nearly two-years beyond the aftermath, Band-Aid and Scoot have risen above it all to resume their careers just where they left off.


Take a ride with us through this exclusive where they give us a play by play of what it’s been like nearly starting fresh. Here, you’ll get a bit of the beginning days leading up to the indictment, and all that has followed since then.


Urban Connectionz Online: Thanks so much for the time you all are taking today for this interview. I appreciate you guys more than you could ever know….


Hoodstars: Oh yea, thank you too


Urban Connectionz Online: So first off, talk to readers about how you all came together as a unit, and what brought you all to this current point?


Hoodstars: we grew up together as kids. We’ve been rapping together for years. Around 04, and 05, Band Aide was coming home, and I was doing my solo thing. We decided to come together as a group. But we’ve been doing this since junior high school.


Urban Connectionz Online: So you released “Controversy” back in October. Talk a little bit about that album, the process of making it, and how all of the rumors and things tied into that album?


Hoodstars: We was making this album before, until we had an interruption. It came about in 2008. I got indicted in 2009. That went until June 2010. We put a lot of new joints on there after that, about my incarceration and all we went through. Just real life situations. Whether we feeling good, in the club, having a good time, or dealing with relationships, even different situations. Homies getting locked up. Just situations from the hood, in general, it’s something for everybody.


UC: How difficult was it to come out of your situation, and get right back into recording? How were you able to pick up where you left off?


Hoodstars: It was really easy. This is our life. Scoot grew up where he was in the top 5 of the Bay area. It was just about time in getting it done. We did 2 albums in 6 months. Streets album with DJ Fresh, Then we dropped “Controversy”. We’re working on 4 to 5 albums now. Mixtapes and street albums.


Urban Connectionz Online: What did you all learn in the recording of your previous material that proved helpful in the creative process for this latest work?


Hoodstars: One thing we learned is everything you say, you got to be ready to face that. We were put under a microscope. I can’t say it was good, but we learned a lot from it. We know the consequences now. A lot of these niggas is real fake. Be careful what you say. We was real responsible. It ain’t what you do, but how you do it.


Urban Connectionz Online: The buzz around the lead single with David Banner seemed really good. Did you receive the type of response that you were looking for?


Hoodstars: We always, with any entertainer, rapper, singer, you never get what you really want. That’s just human nature. We reached the mass we wanted. We touched a lot of ears. A lot of people paid attention. We’re on our way to a video shoot right now. It is what it is. I don’t think Bill Gates is happy to be truthful. You always want more. We not mad. But we want to have a conversation with Jay-Z.



Urban Connectionz Online: Being all the way honest, you two have dealt with enough in your short careers that would make any artist throw in the towel. What has been your strength and motivation? Why keep going?


Hoodstars: Genuine love for this music. It ain’t a whole lot of money in it. It’s potential though. We’ve been doing it for a minute.


Urban Connectionz Online: In listening to you fellas talking, I heard you mention people like Jay-Z as being inspirational. I think it’s cool because there’s a lot to be learned from somebody like him. Shit, when have you seen somebody in their forties doing it on his level, non-stop?


Hoodstars: It ain’t no 20 year old out there like him. Ain’t nobody on his level. I go with the biggest icon in the game. To be discussin business with him. That’s what it is. We do this for the love. I don’t worry about what‘s going on outside the group. I’ll do a show for free. I love to do shows, tell the audience to do something, and they do it. This is what we do.


Urban Connectionz Online: What do you feel like you’re learning from other artists that are out there right now?


Hoodstars: How to brand yourself. Don’t just depend on the music. Use your name to get further than what the music can take you. Jay can do a clothing line, and people will buy it. He can sell out Madison Square Garden in a few hours. He dropped the label, the label didn’t drop him. Like Lil’ Wayne. Without him, there would be no Cash Money. I learned from them. Don’t depend on the music. We do it for the love. It’s the stepping stone. Never forget where you come from. Will Smith. Markey Mark. I learn from them about branding.


Urban Connectionz Online: What type of things do you have lined up with the album? Any shows coming at all?


Hoodstars: We’re trying to drop these street albums. “We the West”. Join forces with Beeda Weeda. Then our own album. Working on a reality series. It’s only so much we can do. Couple of tours in between. One with Waka Flacka, and one with Tech N9ne . We stay busy and go hard in the paint. Staying active.


Urban Connectionz Online: and online, everyone can find you where?


Hoodstars: Twitter. iTunes. Youtube.


Urban Connectionz Online: Any final thoughts at all?


Hoodstars: Just that we’re here. We’ve got quality music. Check us out on iTunes. Google us. See what we’re about.