"It's so hot to hear these words from a beautiful black man!", was the sentiment that echoed throughout a jam packed open mic venue one warm spring night in Cleveland, Ohio. Mostly these statements came from the lips of women but even the guys in attendance that evening felt Justin represented them well. One male listener stated, "Wow he took the words right outta my mouth"! That is just one of the many examples in which Justin Fraley has made people feel solely through words. Drawing from the depths of his soul, Justin uses personal experiences, as well as current issues to inspire his work. Performing at open mic venues in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, and Minneapolis, Justin has made a significant contribution to the poetry circut.


Admired most for his wordplay and laidback but captivating delivery, he has drawn several people into poetry who were previously unintersted in spoken word. Since the age of 12, Justin has been able to tranform thoughts and ideas into powerful and soul-touching expressions. With his influences being that of Georgia ME, Sunni Patterson, Big Rube, Jill Scott and Natalie Stewart the poet/songwriter has taken his poetry to a unique level by blending the music and his words to create an unparalled genre of his own. We invite you to enter his world...............or better yet, let him enter yours!