Jay Evans was born in Toronto Ontario, Canada. It was at the tender age of 3, when his mother decided to move the family to Los Angeles California, where she sang as a backup to the legendary media mogul, producer and musician Quincy Jones.

It was at a young age Jay realized what he wanted to become. From the age of 10 he was privileged to have been able to witness and perform with his mother. Jay Evans uniqueness to stay with and evolve in the ever changing times of music was no denying that his talent would be noticed. His artistry has been compared to the likes of such artists as R.Kelly, Usher and the belated Luther Vandross. There is no doubt that he was destined to be in the music industry.  

At the age of 13 he moved from Los Angeles to Detroit. It was there where he started to experiment writing his own songs. While in Detroit he had the opportunity to connect and open for some of today’s legendary hip hop artists such as Raekwon, Naughty by Nature and RnB artist Mario.
When Jay was 22 he moved back to Los Angeles where he began to learn and master the technical aspect of music production. Music is a lifelong commitment for Jay Evans, as he foresees himself in the industry for many years to come. 

Now currently living in Ontario, Canada he has made it his duty to pass his experience onto many up and coming artists and groups. His talents ranging from soulful to hip hop has allowed him to work with many talents varying from gospel to pop in the area and surrounding communities. Although working with others Jay is scheduled to release his full length album and perform with many other talents in the industry. With his vast knowledge of the industry he has collaborated with artists and has had singles played on radio stations such as Toronto’s Flow 93.5 and The Beat 91.5, by means with all his experience he has there is no uncertainty that he has won the hearts of many ladies with his soulful RnB voice and have developed a fan base.

Jay is seen as a triple threat with singing, song writing and producing. Recently Jay wrote a song for Universal Records artist Elijah entitled “Save Me”. With the Canadian music & Movie industry on a rise Jay hopes he is able to continue to build connections in the two industries as well as internationally.
Family is very important to Jay Evans he maintains a strong connection with his siblings and family members. He credits having this relationship keeps him focused and grounded. With this and his experience Jay has the ball rolling and a bright and strong future ahead.

It is certain that Jay is here to stay and that his journey is only leading him to larger and greater opportunities that will expand his already immense resume.


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