The Midwest has its share of major hip hop talent but none have hit the scene with such a passion & fury as Crazy8TheGreat. Born Miguel Mercado of Cleveland, OH he is no rookie to the music scene. In order to fully comprehend who Crazy8theGreat is, you must fully understand who Miguel Mercado has become. For years he has labeled himself "The most popular lame." He is the human form of the element of surprise ...lyrically driven by raw emotion, life experiences, extensive vocabulary and anything that surrounds him.

Writing and rapping since 2003, Crazy8theGreat worked with various local groups and clicks but none fit his personality as much as when he was picked up by Visible Lyrics Record Company. Crazy8theGreat became the newest member on the Visible roster in the summer of 2010. Signed to a development deal, Crazy8theGreat was determined to show the label he had what it took to evolve with the ever changing face of music. After fulfilling his development contract, six months later He signed his recording contract. On August 8th,2011 Crazy8theGreat dropped a EP called "theMOSTPopularLame". The EP touches on one of most controversial topics...BULLYING. After experiencing this first hand as a child, Crazy8theGreat vows to take a stand and rise up against it.

Crazy8theGreat completed and released his newest project titled “The Road to theRISING”. “The Road to theRISING is a metaphor for things learned over a long period of time,” says Crazy8theGreat. My "Road" in this instance was more so one of redemption for past mistakes and lack of motivation, depression etc . Ive had a glimpse or vision of my future and it is #theRISING! "The Road To" is how I get ultimate glory.”



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