Ice Cube's career begins with him being a part of the legendary rap group, NWA. Together with Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince, and Eazy E, the way was paved and so many opportunities in hip-hop were created as a result of their struggles and triumphs. 


Almost immediately, Cube forged a career in Hollywood as an actor. He first appeared in the cult classic, Boyz N Da Hood, and he literally killed that role. The sky was the limit after his breakout role as Doughboy! 


Music still remained a very intricate part of the forefront for Cube, and he continued on with his craft, balancing his solo career with his acting roles. He would eventually move into writing, directing and producing, pumping out such classics as the Friday series, Are We There Yet!, the Barbershop series, and several other films that have gone down in history as classics. 


Currently, he's been in the midst of filming a sequel to the Barbershop series. This all is only a brief synopsis of Cube's career. He's done far more than what we have mentioned, and anyone who is a true friend of entertainment should definitely click the link below to check out his official sites. 


Cube will be a huge part of this year's BET Experience, as he will reunite with NWA for a special performance.