Silkk the Shocker, the prominent rapper who along-side his brothers, P.Miller (aka Master P) and C. Miller created the iconic brand, No Limit Records. Simply known as, “THE TANK”. This family has branded themselves as the ultimate independent record label success story, eventually launching the career of his nephew, Romeo. Silkk the Shocker is ready to make history once again. A Multi-Platinum selling recording artist and an established business entrepreneur, Silkk the Shocker takes time away from his other business ventures to bring you his sixth and best album to date “The Blessing”. .. .. ..Silkk the Shocker rises to new heights with the rightfully titled album, “The Blessing”. With clever phrases, boast of success and humor, Silkk is back to shock the world once again. With tracks like “They Ain’t Gonna Like That” and “Do What You Do”, Silkk holds nothing back; displaying confidence and playfulness. With a heavy swagger, “Fly Away” showcases his charm, boldness, and his genuine charisma. “The Blessing” finds Silkk the Shocker re-establishing why he is a Multi-Platinum selling recording artist.