Currently residing in Atlanta, Houston native Mateo is out to seek nothing but pure results. Like a blue flame, Mateo feels that he is the last of his kind as being natural is uncommon in today’s society. Inspired by the pulse that music creates, Mateo continues to develop his own sound regardless of the influences that control today’s music trends. Learning to appreciate the voice he was given, Mateo’s tone uniqueness encouraged him to love himself as self-reflection and application helps to power and grow throughout life. With his artistry, Mateo adds authenticity, imagination along with various other musical elements that many of today’s musicians lack. Mateo’s key is construction. In tune with his environments, Mateo lets his conscious and subconscious flow to construct genuine products of his labor. Vowed to mirror his emotions into his lyrics, Mateo is all about pursuing his passions to create superb work each time. Passions stringing from acting, designing clothing, architecture and real estate, no strings tie Mateo’s creative capacity. Remembered everyday why he strives to become a better man, Mateo is a man with family who is a family man and becoming greater at those fuel his success. Gracing the stage with some of today’s greatest Hip-Hop figures from T.I. and Jeezy to Slim Thugg, Paul Wall and Lil Wayne, Mateo’s siren is on and with authenticity, love and music, nothing will silence his reign.


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