Theo Dureau emerges from New Orleans' iconic music scene while blending the worlds of Classic R&B/Soul, Steppers, Adult Contemporary and Alternative Pop. Theo preserves and credits the integrity of his musical inspiration through his musical instrumentation, lyrics, production, vocal arrangements, and compositions. 


Theo’s musical career began in 1993. However, his musical journey started when he was just a child listening to icons who inevitably became his inspiration to pursue music. Legends such as Stevie Wonder, Incognito, Quincy Jones and Seal opened his mind to transfer his interpretation of Love, Freedom, and outspokenness into musical expression. 


Being from New Orleans made that transition flow smoothly. Theo has always been driven by the artistic charm of his city; and that drive created a passion within him that allowed him to appreciate all of the musical pioneers in any music genre while interpreting life and life’s experiences harmoniously.


Although he has not released any singles or albums to date, Theo is currently working on two new projects. One entitled Genereless (Genre-Less) and the other Soul Major 7. The notion behind Genereless is freedom of musical expression without the pressure to conform to a genre.