Truth Hurts launched onto the music scene in grand fashion with her debut album “Truthfully Speaking” on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label. Her first single appropriately titled “Addictive” topped the 2002 music charts in 14 countries and garnered 2 Grammy nominations. With heavy rotation at both radio and music television, she toured with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the Smokin’ Grooves tour.

She would work alongside Dre’ and Snoop again during the filming of her first feature film, “The Wash”. She continued appearing on screen as a singer in the critically acclaimed “Ali” starring Will Smith and on television in “The Parkers”.

In 2004, Truth Hurts released her sophomore album “Ready Now” on Raphael Saadiq’s label, Pookie Entertainment. She continued performing and touring and in 2007 returned to film appearing in “Marigold” for which she also contributed as a composer for the film score. She went on to appear in the musical revue “I Can’t Stop Loving You: Genius of Ray Charles as a member of the Raylettes, Charles’ famed back up vocalists.  

In May of 2012, Truth Hurts had the pleasure of gracing the stage in Vienna for this year’s Life Ball 2012 as a headliner during the opening ceremonies, performing this year’s song “Blindfold” for which proceeds benefit people with HIV/AIDS.  

This summer, Truth Hurts is back in the recording studio working on her 3rd Album “S.T.R.I.P” and continues to tour and perform internationally.