Yung Berg has been away for a bit of time, and fans have definitely been wondering where he had landed. Granted, it was nowhere near an eternity [laughing], but three years is definitely a long time to be absent in music these days. It’s been that long since his debut album hit the streets. Most will remember he started as a part of DMX’s Bloodline Records. For Berg, the time away wasn’t all for nothing. He’s definitely been putting in his work, building an arsenal of hits that he’s now ready to drop to the world. Many doubted his return, but for him, it was inevitable. In our exclusive, Delivery Time, Yung Berg lets us in on what he’s been doing during his perceived time off, his connection to Disturbing Tha Peace, the writing he’s doing for so many other artists, and a whole lot more.


U.G. Digital Mag: I have to say that it’s really good to speak to you man and you’re prepping to release your new material. I think a lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for you to drop something new. So I appreciate you taking the time out…what’s been going on with you man, since your last album? Three years is a long time, so to speak. What happens in a lengthy time away like that?


Yung Berg: Well, in between my albums, I got involved in production. People didn’t know I produced for my own album. I was able to work with Dirty Money, Cassie, Diamond, Rico Love, and spread my talents so they know I make hit records. My involvement with “Sexy Can I”, I played a part. I want to get the background. I was able, thanks to Sony, I was able to walk away with a release, and not owe anything. It was the best thing to happen tome. I was able to make my own moves.


U.G. Digital Mag: You have a well-documented journey into the game man. Obviously, you were signed to DMX’s label at one point, and then you later worked with DTP for a bit. Take me back to the time, and how you got with them?


Yung Berg: Shawnna is like a sister to me. She’s been the most influential to me. She had success, and she came and performed at my school when she was with infamous syndicate. It’s not easy for females, so I admired her. She titled my first album. I was around her, soaking up time and influences, she was like you like a 2pac. I never seen nobody work like you. Do a song called look what you mad me. Show you a product of the culture. And things that go on. This is all you. I appreciate everything she did for me. I produced on her album “Block Music”.


U.G. Digital Mag: Any writing for other artists?


Yung Berg: I just got a good knack for good hooks. When younger I ain’t know what I was doing. I knew, but did not know the capacity. “Sexy Can I”, “Tha Bizness”. I wrote all the hooks for every feature, except with Lloyd. With Eve, we shared the same management. I produced on Eve-olution


U.G. Digital Mag: What happened with DTP?


Yung Berg: I did not want to cut into that situation. She gave me an opportunity to learn and be on the road. That was priceless. I appreciate the love from Ludacris and Chaka Zulu. I just wanted to chill.


U.G. Digital Mag: Your debut did very well in the industry. How much of that success were you really expecting in the beginning?


Yung Berg: I don’t know. I don’t wanna be cocky or arrogant, but I always knew beyond the music, I wanted someone to understand me. I knew I had charisma with women, and if I could be seen on TV, I could connect with women. A lot of people come out, they been waiting for certain attention. I just been waiting to be embraced. For women to say they love it, it’s realistic. I take my hat of to them for saluting me and saying regardless of anything going down with you,


U.G. Digital Mag: So talk about your new material and what you’ve got brewing?


Yung Berg: The album will never be done til’ it comes out. I’ll never be done recording. Ray J, Sean Kingston, so many different people. I wanted to limit the album to me. I see the comments. People don’t know I was writing a lot of that material. Since auto tune came around, I’ve been able to sing my own parts. It can be more about me, people can accept me, what I bring to the table, and what I do behind the scenes.


U.G. Digital Mag: What else will be coming?


Yung Berg: The new mixtape will be dropping. It’s hosted by DJ holiday, Ill Will, and Rock Star. Souljah boy, Roscoe Dash, Hot Dolla, Ya Boy, YG, man it’s just a star-studded mixtape. We got a video done by the name of “72 Hours”. A ballad, like outer space. People did not expect me to come with that. It’s dropping a week after Valentine’s Day.


U.G. Digital Mag: Why a mixtape?


Yung Berg: It’s a way for me to get my music out. I create at a rapid pace. I’m releasing it so it doesn’t get stale, and it’s a direct attachment to me as a person. You’ll know exactly how I was feeling. It won’t be a delay on the emotion.


U.G. Digital Mag: What else is going on with you that you want people to know?


Yung Berg: I’m working on Jim Jones’ project, Lil’ Scrappy, Diamond’s project, the Dirty Money project, and so many other things I’m working on. The main focus is my family, Brown and Kenney, young fly movement. Sex and the city is a big deal. I will be out on 106 and park in a week or so. I see you. “Sexy Can I” part 2. I love everybody for supporting me. My #1 goal in life is to stay down. Don’t let nobody say you can’t do shit. Humble greatness.