Urban Connectionz Online: I see they’ve got you working late tonight. I don’t see too many artists interviewing this late in the afternoon….I appreciate you though…


Swazy Baby: You’re welcome


Urban Connectionz Online: So obviously, everybody knows the history of Slip n Slide. Home to some of the biggest money makers in the industry at one time, including Trick daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, and the list surely goes on. Talk to me about the legacy that you are looking to build with the label?


Swazy Baby: Really, you can say I’m the future of Slip n Slide, as of right now. I’m the main priority. It’s been a lot of talk about CEO and what not, but as far as with me and my music, I guess I plan on being around a minute. I’m just giving quality good music. I guess that’s about it.


Urban Connectionz Online: How did you land with Slip n Slide in the first place?


Swazy Baby: It was through my manager, and Bigga Rankin. He was hostin a rep your city competition. It was like 45 minutes from Cordele, GA, and I heard about it through a friend. I went down there to represent, did my song, and I won. They told me it was another one coming up, and I won that one. We had a conversation, and he was like you got good music, and I wanna show you to Slip n Slide. Then there was the Next Big Superstar competition, and they wanted me to perform. I went down there, and I guess they had been telling folks about me. They had already heard the music, and I performed. I received a standing ovation. Ted even stopped me and had me spit my verse over. They went crazy. A couple months later, they had my contract ready.


Urban Connectionz Online: I would say that the climate of hip hop, and music in general, has changed so much since the beginning of Slip n Slide. Hell, it’s changed drastically in the last year or so. What is different for you as an artist today? With so many artists making their way in, and only sticking around for one album, even if it’s not their choice, what gives you that certain level of confidence that you can last as a prominent artist and generate the type of sales that you can live comfortably from?


Swazy Baby: Man, the truth is, I feel like it’s a lot of good artists out there, but, for one, I got one of the biggest independent labels behind me. Ain’t no need for me to get out my comfort zone. I always felt like I could make it. No pressure or nothing. As long as I can work comfortable, I’m good. I record at home, and do it how I want. Making music is no problem for me. If that’s all I got to do, perform, and meet people, it’s all good. Everybody feel like I’m cool. I ain’t hard to get along with.



Urban Connectionz Online: What do you feel like you have learned from those that you are following? And we’re not just talking about Slip n Slide, but throughout the entire game? As I checked out your bio, influences like Jay-Z and Nas are listed….


Swazy Baby: To be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of Nas and Jay-Z. I really came up on people like Wu Tang, Mystikal, and Lil’ Wayne. I think Lil’ Wayne and probably Jeezy. With Lil Wayne, calling himself the greatest rapper, and other people saying it too, with lyrical, crazy punchlines, I kinda grabbed that. Jeezy with the real nigga movement, I grabbed that and put two and two together. I throw my edge in my music. I sing too. I can add some stuff in a different way. But that’d probably be it.


Urban Connectionz Online: So talk to me about your album that you’ve been working on?


Swazy Baby: Everything I make, I try to make it like album music. I’m putting out mixtapes but they got full songs on em. Basically full albums. That’s my thing that I do to let people see my potential, whether its street, or being creative


Urban Connectionz Online: How much pressure do you feel, as a new artist, to do well with your music? Is there any pressure for you with this at all?


Swazy Baby: Right now, I’m as comfortable as I could be. I don’t feel any pressure at all. I do what I’m supposed to do. Within that first month, I made like 60 songs.


Urban Connectionz Online: What type of future do you see for yourself in entertainment? I’m sure you’ve seen that these days, there has to be a back of plan, even when you are the brightest star. Artists like Jay Z and Puffy have been big advocates of that idea obviously, as they both have their hands in anything you can think of. Are there dreams or ideas of ever getting behind the suit and tie in the offices? How long do you see yourself doing albums?


Swazy Baby: To be honest, movies maybe, but I see myself being here for a minute, being one of the talked about artists. Sometimes I think though, like when I reach my peak, I’ll leave it at that. I do have a family. I like being a regular person. Once it ain’t no more ink in the pen, I’ll give it up. I can see myself, I don’t know, saving some money for later on.


Urban Connectionz Online: What, if anything, did you really want to get out there with this interview? Anything I haven’t touched on?


Swazy Baby: I want people to know the truth. That’s the most important thing to know with anything. You gone be good and alright. Everything gets brought to the light. Anybody trying to get on, stay true, and don’t forget the ones who helped you.