We’re thrilled to offer you a moment to view the trailer for “The Cross Out 3”. The film, which is the third in a trilogy series, is due out later this month. 

From Swish Gang Films, executive producers Swish Pzy, Calico Jonez and director Apar alongside Curtis Snow, director of “Snow in the Bluff” and assistant are releasing the third installment of the “Cross Out” trilogy which consists of “The Cross Out” and “The Cross Out 2”.

“The Cross Out” film series depicts the lives of several individuals who reside in Austin Homes Projects located in what Knoxville, TN refers to as “the gun zone” an area is known for shootings and violence. This is the backdrop for the team as they commence to take over the city through their ruthless dealings and set forth on a mission to get paid causing chaos along the way.

“The Cross Over Part 3” is a continuation of the story line taking place in Atlanta and features cast members Swish PZY, Calico Jonez, Curtis Snow, Swish Frosty and many more. View “The Cross Out Part 3” trailer below, and also at and be sure to follow director Swish Pzy on social media @SwishPzy (Instagram /Twitter / Facebook).