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[FEATURES][NEXT-UP] Kindu Hughley

[FEATURES][NEXT-UP] Kindu Hughley

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio Kindu Hughley is no stranger to the music industry. At an age when most kids were out hanging with their friends, he was spending time crafting is flow. Kindu had dreams of success in music, and he would do all he could to make that happen. 


Joining the Inner City Misfitz at the age of 15, the cheers and accolades would come fast. In what seemed to be an instance, he and his group mates were performing at nearly every club in the city of Cleveland, and opening for such acts as Lil’ Kim and Jr. Mafia, Devin the Dude, and II Tru, another local group of rappers hailing from Cleveland who were signed to Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Mo Thugs Records. Their popularity soared throughout the city with the release of their debut album, “Life of a Misfit”, which quickly sold close to 3,000. 


Following the success of their debut, the group members ultimately parted ways, and Kindu took more of a solo route. In 2001, he was featured on a compilation from local label Wild Life Productionz. Soon after, life began to steer Kindu in a different direction musically, and he opted to take time away to enroll in college courses related to Entrepreneurship. Fast forward more than a decade later, and you find Kindu back where he was destined to be. Hughley spent the greater part of 2015 working on various projects, and now, with 2016 here, he’s ready to show the world just what he has in store. It’s time for the world to get familiar with Kindu. He has a plan of taking the Cleveland hip-hop scene to the next level. His brand is centered around unity, which is something the local hip-hop scene has been lacking for some time. 


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