So much has changed in hip-hop, but when you look at areas like Philly, the evolution has gotten even bigger. Hip-hop newcomers Blumbros have best onto the scene to wild popularity, and their riding a train that shows no sign of slowing down. While easily compared to groups like Rae Sremmurd, this Philly duo have certainly developed their own style and following. We recently caught up with the fellas to talk about their latest single, Everybody”, and their plans for maneuvering through this industry.


U.G. Digital Mag: It’s awesome to connect with you brothers for this feature. First and foremost, we’re grateful to you. I think what you have is awesome for hip-hop. I appreciate what you bring. So much has changed in hip-hop, and no one is having the kind of fun you’re having. You’re bringing that feel back to music. Is that something you’re starting to hear from people?


Blumbros: We’re hearing that a lot. We also get compared a lot to Rae Sremmurd. Other than that, people are amazed at our vibe.


U.G. Digital Mag: It’s good and you really have something. You work well together, and that goes a long way when you’re dealing with so many people. Who were your influences, coming from Philly and there being so many people from there in music?


Blumbros: I say Quavo and Kendrick Lamar inspired me to do music.


U.G. Digital Mag: And that’s how. People see that, but they also see you have your own style.


Blumbros: For me, it’s Meek Mill and PNB Rock. I saw them go from nothing.


U.G. Digital Mag: How did you guys really want to be seen as artists coming into this?


Blumbros: We really wanted to let people know how different we were. We wanted them to see we bring a different vibe. We’re more positive than a lot of things you see.


U.G. Digital Mag: So talk more about the overall scene of Philly. Like, I’ve been into hp-hop for years, and when you think of the people who have come out in the last 10-15 years, nobody has come the way you are. Artists have been more like they have to have that “hard” or tough persona to come out and be respected, and they’re not really high spirited and having fun, especially in Philly. Some artists enjoy ti a lot more than they let on, and they feel like they have to cover up that fun side of it to be respected. You guys aren’t afraid to be who you are. With that in mind, do you see the respect from Philly?


Blumbros: They support us. It’s like 50/50.


U.G. Digital Mag: That’s good. Any support is good, but no one can dispute how different you guys are from everything else in the city.


Blumbros: People used to that battle rap and all that (laughing).


U.G. Digital Mag: I do think it’s dope. I love what you guys have, and it takes me into the single, Everybody. What separates you guys, because what I got from the song is “this is us and this is what we’re offering, we’re doing this and everybody else is doing that”.


Blumbros: What separates us aside from the music is our shows as well. We do choreographed dance and everything. We want people to look at us positively. We make our shows fun to come to.


U.G. Digital Mag: You’re proving that music can be something really big. You hear a lot of negative, and not just with hip-hop. It’s in all music. I think back to being 17, knowing I wanted to work in this, and the thing my mother always warned about was drugs and how a lot of people get turned around on that sort of thing. It’s not just hip-hop. It’s just a lifestyle that has come with entertainment period. You guys have consciously made an effort to separate from that.


Blumbros: We try to be positive. We come from Blumberg projects. People have a different perspective on us, but we try to prove them otherwise. Just because we from the hood don’t mean we got to be ghetto. It’s still positive people out here.



U.G. Digital Mag: Things are really growing for you guys. You’ve had other songs, and I’m actually hooked on “Wanna Be Grown”. I think it’s really hot. What do you see over the next year with your brand?

Blumbros: I think we’ll be doing more touring for sure. We have a mixtape dropping July 22. We’ll have a release party for it when the time comes.

U.G. Digital Mag: That’s awesome. We’d love to see you guys here. Everyone is into what you’re doing.

Blumbros: We appreciate that.

U.G. Digital Mag: Where should everyone be checking you guys out at?

Blumbros: All of our social media is @blumbros, and we’re also on Soundcloud and Youtube.

U.G. Digital Mag: Any final thoughts at all?

Blumbros: Our mixtape is “Something’s Gotta Give”. We feel like we’re kicking our way into the industry. Being broke, and needing help sometimes, it’s like something’s gotta give.

U.G. Digital Mag: People can relate to it, so it’s cool. Young people especially can relate to that. We’re looking forward to it.