It's always such an amazing thing to catch up to budding artists and emerging talent. After all, that's where much of our focus lies when it comes to music and entertainment. We love the idea of introducing new artists to you, and that rings especially true with Leo Vance. Based in Canada, Leo is blazing a strong trail through the industry, and he shows no sign of slowing any time soon. He was recently a part of the Cut Hip Hop Awards in Toronto. Check out our exclusive with below with the man himself.


U.G. Digital Magazine: What feeling do you having been a part of the Cut Awards show?


Leo Vance: I felt amazing about jt. It was a good opportunity to showcase my music and meet the different artists. I think it was just a really good opportunity.


U.G. Digital Magazine: It's huge to be part of something on that level.  So many people were involved, including companies like Def Jam. Talk about your background. I know music has been in the fiber of your family.


Leo Vance: Well, I'll start with my mother. She was a singer. Growing up, I have memories of being in the studio while she was recording. She had a live band as well, I believe. That was a good experience for me. She moved onto the beauty industry after music. My dad has been a producer, rapper, and engineer. I'd be there while he produced and engineered for other artists.


U.G. Digital Magazine: Looking at their accomplishments, how did that inspire your dreams?


Leo Vance: My dreams were a little different. I really wanted to be a basketball player, but it turned out I wasn't happy with it. From there I picked up a keyboard. It made me happy to rap over instrumentals but I wanted to make my own as opposed to rapping over everyone else's.


U.G. Digital Magazine: It's good to see your progression. You've turned this into something really huge, which is remarkable. Talk about everything else you have going on?


Leo Vance: I'll be recording the last song of my album and hope to push that out in the summer. It's really just my album that I'm focused on.

U.G. Digital Magazine: That's great. How much have you put into it? What's to be expected?

Leo Vance: It's a collection of my best songs over the last two years. I've been honing my craft and my album will reflect that.

U.G. Digital Magazine: So we can look for that later this summer. Anything else we should know about?

Leo Vance: I have a mixtape that will come out.

U.G. Digital Magazine: We definitely will stream that for you.

Leo Vance: Yea, for sure. That'll drop late August or early September.

U.G. Digital Magazine: Shout your website and social media for the readers?

Leo Vance: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all as follows:


Twitter: @_leovance_

Instagram: @_leovance_


U.G. Digital Magazine: I appreciate your time bro. This is really great. Good luck with everything and we'll be following for sure.