Without a doubt, this has been the opportunity of a lifetime. On a humble, our love for Faith Evans and her musical legacy brought along the idea of commemorating her debut album, FAITH. As many of you know, this classic LP that changed the landscape of R&B music was released in 1995. The 20-year anniversary was August 29, 2015, so to commemorate this special album, we put together a special issue with #NothingButFaith! That's right, there's now an issue of Urban Grandstand Digital devoted to everything there is about Faith Evans' debut! In that issue, we had the amazing opportunities of catching up with some of the masterminds that worked together in putting this album together. We have exclusives with Prince Charles Alexander, Herb Middleton, and in the final hour, we caught up with Q. Parker from the R&B group 112. In the issue, we also talk about the singles that were released, as well as the remixes that resulted, and how the entire recording process went along. Access our Special Issue by clicking HERE!

Now, We're thrilled to present to you a super-exclusive interview with the lady of the hour! Yes, we have an exclusive with Faith Evans herself, and she gives us the rundown on the album, the process of putting it together, BIG's influence throughout the process, and so much more. You definitely don't want to miss this!     Access FAITH20 by clicking HERE!