In the short time that Stalley has been doing music, he's released a number of joint, collaborative, and solo projects. This week, he's back with his new mixtape, The Laughing Introvert. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with "Introvert", as he's showcasing his lyrical growth. I think despite the fact he has done so much, he's still been in that building phase where he's still developing his style, and building his fanbase. Stalley has an immense amount of talent in his lyrical abilities, but when coupled with different producers, some tracks have failed to hit the mark with past releases. Producers on "Introvert" include Thelonius Martin, who has provided production work for the likes of A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, Curren$y, and a long list of others, and Black Diamond, who regularly produces for Stalley along with a list of other artists. I think every artist has a certain sound they deliver best with, and they have certain producers they work best with. I think he works better with Thelonius and Black Diamond, and the proof is in this album. Fans will definitely be pleased with "Introvert". 


Click below to listen to streamed tracks from "Introvert"....


1. Laughing Introvert

2. All I Know

3. Nissan Skyline featuring PJK

4. Glass Garages

5. Voila

6. Playa Way

7. Stop Signs featuring Chris Turner & PJK