We’ve seen more of Chante Moore in the past year than ever before. Obviously, much of that is because of her involvement in the Los Angeles installment of R&B Divas, but she’s also riding high on the success of her latest musical offering, “Moore is More”. Released via Shanachie Records, the album has faired well among Chante’s steadily-growing fanbase, and R&B fans alike. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Chante regarding the new release, her foray into reality television and involvement in R&B Divas, and just what fans can expect when they see her here in Cleveland with Charlie Wilson.


Urban Grandstand: Thank you so much for taking the time out this afternoon. Obviously, you’re here in Cleveland soon. What is your connection here, having performed in the city so many times?


Chante Moore: It’s always good, which I guess is why they always ask me to come back.


Urban Grandstand: Your new album; kudos to you. I’m loving it, and can really appreciate the maturity that you bring to the table, especially with “Cry Me A River”. How was it putting that together?


Chante Moore: I love it. Barbara Streisand is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and that was one of my favorite renditions that she did, which was why I chose the song. It’s paying homage to her, but it also sits with the theme of the record, which is having ups and downs. You have to finally get to a point where you say “I did It”, and go ahead and cry me a river. I’ve cried one over you already.


Urban Grandstand: What has been your favorite tune, or what have you gotten the biggest buzz from with this new album?


Chante Moore: Well, we’re only on the second single. “I Want You” is a very special song. I sang it around the world before it was even recorded. We all have a relationship with the Lord and want to please him. That’s what the song is about. Having love horizontaly, and knowing most of all, I want Jesus.


Urban Grandstand: It’s great that it was also feature of the Divas of LA. I, as well as a lot of others, can really appreciate your role on the series. I think there’s just a lot of ruckus that you see in the show, and it goes against expectations of how you think people will take advantage of the opportunity. Not necessarily with this particular franchise, but just reality shows in general. You presented yourself in a good light. What was the biggest thing you wanted to get out of it?


Chante Moore: Well it is to be afraid of, especially if the integrity of the cast, or crew, is not in the place that it should be.  I think the producers displayed us exactly as we were, and in the end, it all settled out to a great place. We got to do the Divalogues and talk about who we really were, and that’s the most important part. We’re triumphant. There’s going to be trials no matter what you do. It’s not always going to be smooth sailing, but I’m happy we all got more exposure musically, and people realize who we are and get more of a glimpse of who we are as people and not just as musicians.


Urban Grandstand: You mention the Divalogues. I really enjoyed, and have watched it multiple times. Do you feel like you were able to get everything out?


Chante Moore: There was more that you didn’t really get to see. Because of the time, there was a lot more to be said. I feel like the theme and the vein we moved in, which was there’s hard times for all of us, and we’re human.  Even though we do something extraordinary for a living, we’re just human like you. We go through things that take us to the brink of depression, but we’re all triumphant and we overcome the negative things that happen to us.


Urban Grandstand: What can you say about your show, obviously without giving too much away?


Chante Moore: I’m doing songs from all of the albums. We’re going to have fun. No worries at all, and I’m singing as many songs as I can.