We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Independent Soul Artist Noel Gourdin, and what a great conversation we had. As an avid music follower, I’ve paid attention to a lot, not just with Noel, but music and artists in general. He’s released arguably some of the best albums music has seen in years, yet, we don’t necessarily hear very much about that. In my mind, that puts him in a very “elite” class with a list of other artists, and we talk a little about that. He’s done some powerful things in music with his releases, and this interview gives us the opportunity to spotlight that like never before.

He has a great story in the fact that his road has been bumpy along the way, but he has managed to see his way through it while doing something that he absolutely loves. We talk a lot about following your passions, and in talking to Gourdin, it’s clear that he’s indeed following his passion. He’s living proof that you can follow your dreams and come out on top just by believing in yourself. Gourdin talks to us about everything from his start in music nearly 15 years ago, to the things he currently has going on, including his latest release “City Heart, Southern Soul”, touring, the new project he has in the works, and his new radio show.

Check out his story HERE!