Meet Johari Noelle! This beautiful, amazingly talented young lady has been part of the focus of Kelly Rowland's new docuseries, Chasing Destiny. Faced with the idea of putting together a girl group, or better yet, a supergroup, who would would not only duplicate the success of Destiny's Child, but take music to the next level. Johari was one of many young ladies who went after the opportunity, and ultimately one of close to 20 girls who were selected to compete at being selected to be a part of Rowland's new group. Unquestionably, Johari brought her A-game on this series, aiming to solidify her spot in what's geared to be one of music's biggest groups yet. Four episodes in, much to everyone's surprise, Johari was eliminated. The thing here, though, is it had nothing to do with talent, nor a lack thereof. Truth is, her talent is endless, much like everyone else who was vying for a role in Rowland's supergroup. Her star has definitely been bright throughout her time there, and the fact that she made it to that point was solid proof. 


Now, with that experience being behind her, Johari has a lot planned and in the works with her career. We had an opportunity to talk about her experience on the show and the projects she has coming up soon. For her, the chase continues.

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