Cleveland, OH ; Jul 11, 2017 -- After three and a half years publishing Urban Grandstand Digital, we are expanding with yet another brand in the publishing realm. 

"The Entertainment Plug" has been established as a new brand, and is due to launch fully in the coming months. Also focusing on the entertainment industry, it will encompass stories and articles of more a wide variety. The publisher, James Johnson, who is also responsible for publishing U.G. Digital Magazine, had much to say about the new brand. 

"It's interesting, to say the least. Publishing, writing, and connecting with artists and more has truly become my life, and I absolutely enjoy it. My partner and I started Urban Grandstand Digital Media & Publishing only a few years ago, and it's grown tremendously. I find now that we're afforded the opportunity to connect with so many artists, entrepreneurs, and more who don't necessarily fall in the realm of "Urban", so to speak. In some ways, it's limiting for our brand, because we ultimately want to be an entertainment source for everyone. That, alone, inspired the creation of "The Entertainment Plug". This will ultimately allow us to expand our brand in a way we never imagined when we first launched U.G. Digital Magazine." 

"The Entertainment Plug" will follow much of the same premise, in the sense that all content will be of a positive nature. "The thing with our brand is we want to be the ones who push for positivity in journalism. Many of our peers are around to give you the latest gossip. Unfortunately, a lot of that news and information is of a negative nature, and frankly, damaging in a number of ways for the artist involved. We're really about building brands and promoting growth. I feel like the whole idea of the field of Journalism is to share the news, but do that with a positive spin. I know what I look for in articles, and I feel there's a lot of people who look for the same thing, so we aim to deliver that quality material", James went on to comment. 

The recruiting process has already started for "The Entertainment Plug", and while a number of writers are on board, the search continues. If you're interested in contributing, especially students, you can definitely reach out currently to

More information will be coming very soon as an official launch date is set in motion.