This is probably one of the best interviews we’ve had the blessing of doing here at Urban Grandstand Digital. Milyn Jensen is a name the world knows very well. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily for the things she wants to be known for, or the things we should know her for. Without naming specifics, anyone who has googled her name sees the amount of negativity that surfaces. It’s pretty sad that as media, given the responsibility that those in the media have taken upon themselves, they opt to reinforce the stereotypes and negativity that have all become so prevalent. Now that’s not to say that the celebrity or subject is not at fault for some public perception; yet, there’s still a responsibility from media to decipher what is to be covered, showcased, and/or broadcast, and what isn’t. Nevertheless, we have Milyn Jensen, and it’s definitely a treat for us, and hopefully for you. In this feature, we opt to focus solely on her dreams, aspirations, and direction she’s looking to go following her ending to Bad Girls’ Club. There’s quite a bit to know about Milyn. For starters, she was a nursing student, and has basically completed all but her externship. So she’s definitely far from what people may have thought about her. She’s got some other things jumping off that are taking her in the direction of following her passion, and at the end of the day, following our passion is all we want! With this feature, we want the world to see that she truly just been Misunderstood all this time. 



Urban Grandstand Digital: I appreciate you taking the time this evening to chat. I know we through this together fairly quickly…


Milyn Jensen: Oh thank you


Urban Grandstand Digital: So talk to me about the things you have going on. Obviously, I think there’s so much out there that isn’t really what should be covered so to speak. People should be getting to know you right now, and the different facets. You’re obviously a nursing student. 


Milyn Jensen: I mean, I’m really known from the reality show, so discussing it is not an issue or anything. As far as what I’m doing, I’m basically at a point where if it happens, it happens, and if it doesn’t, then it just doesn’t. I know people that when they get to do what I’ve done, they choose to stick with it, like reality shows. They want to keep going with it and doing more reality shows. I did not sign up for this, and I did not audition. TV was not anything I thought about doing. Now I just feel like if more opportunities keep falling into my lap, then I’ll keep doing it.


Urban Grandstand Digital: So not seeking it, how does a nursing student end up doing the Bad Girls Club?


Milyn Jensen: I guess I’ve always just had a really big personality. I talk a lot. Honestly, I think I’m really shy. I never liked speaking in front of class, I get anxiety in large groups. People just have always thought I was someone big. The energy and vibe I give off is just who I am. I don’t watch reality tv, so when they asked me to do it, I was like “I don’t know”. My mom was saying to do it, and she thought I would be good for TV. Apparently it worked. 


Urban Grandstand digital: Are there any regrets in the show?


Milyn Jensen: I wouldn’t say I regret doing the show. I just hate the name attachment. People hear Bad Girls’ Club, and they frown. I had friends who saw it, and they were like oh my god, it’s fighting. Going into the house, it was completely different. The girls were timid. I’m a free spirit and having fun. It was really my life, but just with cameras. I was comfortable. So I don’t regret filming. I do regret the production crew. That’s my only issue. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: So given your goals, and the fact you say you don’t watch reality TV, would you do more?


Milyn Jensen: I feel like I would do it again. It was fun and normal for me. It was natural. People would think it was uncomfortable, but i forgot the camera was there. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: So where do you go now? I realize you want to get into more serious acting, so how do you get there coming from Bad Girls Club?


Milyn Jensen: Well I had my first audition. I was really excited because my dream is to do a horror film. I’m obsessed with doing a scary movie. That’s what I really want to do. I didn’t get the part, but the experience of auditioning was great. I never had acting lessons, so to just go in and do an audition was great. They said for no training I actually did a good job. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: So given your desire to really pursue acting, do you have any plan to take advantage of acting lessons or get a coach?


Milyn Jensen: I do, but, I know so many people in the industry. I went to lunch with a friend of mine who is on that acting side, but more with producing and directing. She told me about an acting seminar her friend had, and she was breaking it down for me. I told her about my audition, and she gave me some advice on what to do next time. She explained in the seminar, they basically say people waste money in those classes when it’s really about being in touch with your inner feelings. That’s what will sell. They want it to be real and you become the actual character. So I don’t know if I really want to waste my money on it.


Urban Grandstand Digital: So will you be doing auditions regularly? What are your plans in terms of progressing?


Milyn Jensen: I hope so. I mean, I’m searching for more roles that catch me and get me interested. Where I know I can become that person in the audition. It’s not like I have twenty auditions. If I can get one per week, that’s where I’m at. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: What is your ultimate role?


Milyn Jensen: The scary movie things. I thought the audition I did was perfect. The girl was raped, and her parents were super malicious. It was the opposite of me. I said it was perfect, and I get killed. I want to live til’ the last second of the movie and then get brutally murdered [laughing]


Urban Grandstand Digital: I think it’s good that you are spreading yourself round and doing different things. I’ve never been a fan of complacency, so I think it’s good that you’re doing different things and not being complacent. It definitely gives you something to fall back on. You don’t want to just get stuck on one thing


Milyn Jensen: Right


Urban Grandstand Digital: So are you pretty much done with nursing?


Milyn Jensen: I did feel like I wanted to go back. All I had to do was my externship. I’m all over the place, so it’s a little difficult. I’m only twenty-six, so I can aways go back. When I turn thirty, if I’m still absolutely dry, then I can always go back. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: It’s a good outlook though. You do always have that option. So you’re also doing some event hosting. Talk to me about that. 


Milyn Jensen: I’ve just hosted parties, and with that, they always want me to get on the mic. I’m just a face. You’re just supposed to look at me [laughing]. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: I’ve really enjoyed talking to you this evening. You seem like a really cool person.


Milyn Jensen: I am [laughing]..


Urban Grandstand Digital: But you know what I mean though. In researching and whatnot, there’s so much negativity out there. You almost don’t really know what to think. Talking to you, listening to your dreams, and things you’re working on, it’s clear that you’re really a cool person. Is there anything else that you really want us to get out there?


Milyn Jensen: I think everything is pretty much out there [laughing]. There’s no secrets with me. Not even secrets, but like you said, you research, and of course there’s things that are totally false. No one’s ever going to know what’s really me, and at the end of the day, I don’t really care what people think because it doesn’t affect my happiness. So it’s like, sorry about my language, and if you want to believe it, you do, and if not, you don’t. 


Urban Grandstand Digital: Well what sets us apart here is what we cover and how we cover it. Most media cover the negativity and the crazy stuff. We really want to change the face of media. There’s such a bad name because of the paparazzi, and what gets covered, and contrary to popular belief, the average person doesn’t care about all of that. People just care about the talent, and the person and thats what we want to push.