Its always a good time when we catch up with The Baz Brothers. They’ve quickly become Atlanta’s go-to production company for some of the best stage plays and original stories. We’ve come full circle this time, as we reconnect for the second run of The Strength of Love. Many will remember we traveled out to Griffin, Georgia just over a year ago to cover this amazing stage play, which starred Chandra Currelley, Sean Baker, Paula Campbell, and Dwayne Cottle, among others. They all came together for an amazing show which centered around the undeniable strength in relationships, whether they be with spouses, significant others, or other family. It showcases the power of forgiveness, and so much more. Now, the crew has come back together to give it another go-round, this time adding a few new cast members. We talk with Maria Bazile of The Baz Brothers to get a full scope of what’s due to happen this time around. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity. It’s so awesome to connect with your productions. There’s something amazing in the fact you’re redoing Strength of Love. Why relive this moment at this point?


Maria Bazile: Thank you so much for having us again. We just feel it has a positive and strong message to be heard. Some came to the play the first time who said it was a wonderful show. We want to bring it back to Griffin to be sure others see this strength and love. It’s told in a way it doesn’t just talk about spouses, it also talks about relationships, meaning children, parents, and best friends. Being that, we said we would bring it back for Valentine’s Day because there’s so much attention for love. Why not have a positive message during that time. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: How difficult was it to pull it together?


Maria Bazile: There’s always good and bad times in pre-production, but we love to do it. We have a blast in rehearsals, and the cast is working diligently to put on their best performance. Regardless of the trip-ups, it’s all worth it once it hits the stage. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: I’m impressed beyond measure with how it works out in the end. The professionalism is through the roof, even going back to me personally coming to Atlanta from Cleveland. Your productions are seamless. 


Maria Bazile: We appreciate it. Sometimes as a business we make the extra effort to be sure the cast feels good, and we put on a show for the people making sure we have fun, but showing a business of excellence. Are you doing the right things, and putting your best foot forward. When we hear those encouraging words, especially from someone like yourself, it’s encouraging to us. We appreciate it. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: In terms of cast, there’s new faces. You made an amazing choice in Meelah Williams. Her professional is through the roof and a perfect match with you guys. How many other new faces will we see?


Maria Bazile: We have Meelah Williams, and also Terrance Parham as the dad, and we have Iyanna Johnson as Monique. She was also in Making Moves. We also brought back the originals as well. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: I felt like I never had the chance to tell you how good Making Moves was, and how it connected so much with my life in regard to Sean’s character. Honestly, it mirrored my journey in terms of following passion, and needing that support. It definitely resonated with me. The writing was great, and again, it was seamless. 


Maria Bazile: With any production, there’s always that one movie that launches production into the spotlight. Stomp the Yard did that for Will Packard, and this is ours. The actors put their all into it. We stripped it down, filmed, and put it back together. We did everything we could as an independent production and more to be sure it was everything you wanted to see in a Hollywood production, and we’re hoping people get behind it because we’re looking to bring it to selected theaters this year. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: In terms of Strength of Love, it’s good, again, to see it come back. Do you see other cities in the future?


Maria Bazile: We have several investors coming out, and it’s in the works to take it on tour this fall. This play Valentine’s weekend will hinge all of that. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: What’s the ultimate that you want to see?


Maria Bazile: Going on the road. We will film it for distribution. We want to give a positive message with quality work. We don’t want your typical stage play. It’s not downing anyone, but we set our bar a little higher. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: I imagine that there will be a number of people who come out and they’ve seen it before. What will those viewers get to refresh it all?


Maria Bazile: The change of some cast members, and a slight change in the presentation. It’s the same story, but it’s told a little different. You’ll enjoy it a new way this time. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: In terms of the readers who want to know more about all else you have in the works, where can they go?


Maria Bazile:, and follow us on twitter at @bazbrothers, Facebook as @bazbrothers, and instagram as @bazbros


U.G. Digital Magazine: What are you most proud of?


Maria Bazile: The cast and the crew who are putting in the work. They are making it their own. You write a script and have a production, but the people who get behind you and believe in you, and put it on stage to make it what it is, that’s what I’m proud of. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: What would you like to leave off with?


Maria Bazile: Come out February 10-12 to the Griffin auditorium, we have 4 shows through the weekend. We have a lover’s night special on Saturday night after the 7pm show, so you can come out and get a three-course meal, dining, dancing, and a night out with your spouse. It’s marriage ministry. When you come out and see this play, it will breathe into you what love is. If you are having problems in your relationship, come out and remember what it is to forgive, get redemption, and love again.