The world of music is in for an amazing treat with the upcoming debut from the soulful Jazz duet, The Baylor Project. Even as a new addition to today’s musical landscape, their history will absolutely blow you away in many aspects. They would come together more than fifteen years ago, their history from there would be cemented in more than one way; musically, and through matrimony. Beyond their personal love for each other, their musical union is fueled but the strength they both carried on their own in the industry, and that strength has grown tremendously since then. Jean had spent her former years as one-half of the powerful, groundbreaking duet Zhane, while Marcus was already a world-class drummer who had been playing all his life. His experiences of playing with many Jazz greats like Cassandra Wilson, George Benson, and Regina Carter only supplement the musical union. Together, they would become a magical and untouchable force in music. They’re range and versatility is undeniable, which will be the very thing that sets them apart from the crowd. Even while they join the ranks of a number of other married couples in music, their legacy will undoubtedly be lasting. 

Take a moment to their video below from their forthcoming album, “The Journey”, via YouTube below, and make sure you pre-order on iTunes. The album will officially be available February 2017!