Ida Divine has flourished into one of the most apt, and exquisite Independent Artist in her genre. She is that oddity that can deliver the Motown style of song without missing a pitch. Her voice is intense and sultry, and when those lyrics are set free during performances or even a practice session, she seduces the hearts and minds of any listener that takes an interest in her.

IDA has hit singles such as “Grow Up,” “Time,” “IG My Shoe Game” and “Sometimes” just to name a few ; these singles have traveled worldwide to California, New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, Miami, Virginia, Chicago, Nairobi, Ghana, Nigeria, Toronto, Australia, Paris and Poland. She’s performed alongside Phonte, Lady Saw, Raekwon, Dead Prez, Anthony David, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and Naughty By Nature. She won Best R&B female vocalist for the Carolina Music Awards in 2009 for her a mix tape release “1979” after being out for only a short span of six months. Ida also won Best Female R&B artist at the 2012, Queen City Awards. Hanus TV nominated Ida for her best cover, and produced rendition recordings of “Poison.” This “Divine” entity has a feature in Four Magazine, Creative Loafing, Ihiphop, The Examiner, On Smash, Hanus TV, and Rodney Perry Live.

Ida Divine’s following compare her style and delivery to the Multi Grammy Award Winner Lauryn Hill. In my opinion, there is no comparison to another artist or lyricist. With her project “Molecular Legato”, her statement is clear, and she is just a creative damsel that’s stressing the message of artistic freedom. Ida’s humble, and peaceful nature is a great deal like “Razia Sultana”. When you combine those two strong qualities with her bravura, lyrical expression, in addition to her slayer-stage presence; you already know that she is the definition of artistry ascended, and has created a new trend of evolutionary-soul.