If you follow hip-hop & R&B, then you know Rico Love very well. He’s written and produced for the who’s who of the music world for nearly a decade. “Turn The Lights On” is that opportunity for you to get to know him for his own artistry. 


Definitely, this isn’t his first release, yet, listening I get the sense that it will be the album that establishes him as more than a super-producer. “Turn The Lights On” is treated like a debut in the sense that it will definitely take him to that next level as an artist. He covers everything from fame to love & relationships throughout the album. The lead single, “Somebody Else” definitely gets things off to a good start. Produced by Jake One, it’s already been remixed with Wiz Khalifa & Usher. 


Other album standouts include ‘Trifling”, “For the Kids”, “Happy Birthday”, and “Days Go By”. All in all, the album is quite impressive, and leaves listeners wanting more. Despite the fact he’s entrenched in hip-hop & R&B, this album is the type that simply can’t be categorized. It’s not hip-hop! It’s not R&B! It’s Music!! Anyone listening can relate somewhere on throughout the LP. With no guest appearances, you definitely have the opportunity to really get to know Rico. Turn The Lights On is a must-have for any music lover. 


Below, we’ve posted the track listing, and you can also check out the video for “Somebody Else”! 


Rico Love: Turn The Lights On (TTLO)


  1. TTLO
  2. Bad Attitude
  3. Trifling
  4. Ride
  5. For The Kids
  6. The Affair
  7. Days Go By
  8. Somebody Else
  9. Run From Me
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Amsterdam
  12. The Proposal