We all got to know Margeaux Simms through her role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. As we all learned throughout the past season, there’s much more to Margeaux than the typical drama and ruckus often displayed on the show. Margeaux is a budding talent in music, and she had the opportunity this past season of display her new single, “Start a War”, via the show. Since showcasing that single to the world, Margeaux has since put together a steady stream of music, and is now plotting the release of her new EP. We took a few moments to talk with Margeaux about her music career, which actually has span nearly a decade now, and her new EP, her time on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and all the things she has happening throughout the next year. Through this piece, you'll see just how Margeaux is spreading her wings in her career, and how she's soaring because of it. 


UG Digital Mag: I have to thank you so much for your time today. It’s people like you who are allowing me to follow my dream of journalism. 


Margeaux Simms: Awesome. Thank you for having me. 


UG Digital Mag: This year has proven to be amazing for you. Congrats on the success of everything you have going on. 


Margeaux Simms: Thank you so much. 


UG Digital Mag: What has it been like for you to truly be pursuing your music? People really neglected the fact that you were doing music?


Margeaux Simms: I’ve always been an artist, even prior to the show. I never talked about it on the show because it didn’t seem like the show promoted music so much. I felt like if it happened naturally, or if people googled me, people would find out. I had stuff out, and different projects, so it worked out. I’m glad the people who watched saw it and I was able to be introduced to them. I just happened to be on the show. I never wanted it to be like I was a reality star who suddenly started doing music. I think we see a lot of that. I did not want to cram it down anyone’s throats. 


UG Digital Mag: I think it’s good though. Thinking of the premise of the show, I’ve always felt as though that avenue should be there to pursue music. You’re one of the only ones I’ve seen capitalize off the situation in the right way. 


Margeaux Simms: Well thank you. I thought it was supposed to be about that, but that’s moreso just the title, and you get more of the love and drama. A lot of people like that, but when you have a small fanbase and you get on a bigger platform, you want it to happen organically. 


UG Digital Mag: Of course, everyone who has heard “Start a War” is looking for new music. It was clear that you were in acomfort zone and it was something you loved. People got that sense, and I know you have the new single, “Girl on the Left”. Can you talk a little about that?


Margeaux Simms: Yes. I waited on releasing it because with “Start a War”, people loved the song. I just kinda put it out. It was one out of many, and then I decided to do it on the show. I decided to put out singles because I had all these ideas for videos for each song. I’m excited for people to finally see it. 


UG Digital Mag: I think it’s a good strategy, putting out singles, but I think you’ll be that difference with people wanting to purchase a full album. I think people will love your music because of how different it is. 


Margeaux Simms: Thank you. I hope it does well. I hope people can take away from it whatever they want, and not over think it. I want them to be inspired to do their own thing. Everything you want to know about me, I put in my music. I rarely hold back anything. 


UG Digital Mag: When are you looking to release it?


Margeaux Simms: We’re looking at April for “Girl on the Left”. We keep pushing it back because I’ll do more singles, then want to do more videos. I don’t want to rush it. Putting out an EP for me is like getting a tattoo. It has to be perfect. Once it’s there, you can’t take it back. I want to feel good about it in my soul. 


UG Digital Mag: Do you feel like Love & Hip Hop was helpful in you getting your music out?


Margeaux Simms: It was a little helpful. I’ve met other cool music bloggers as a result, and they come up and talk about the music more than the drama. I can’t leave my house in New York without people approaching me, and it’s all about the music, which is good. In the marketplace, it’s more about being able to push what you do and get away from the story you weren’t able to tell. It’s reality TV, and there’s a part that’s not reality, yet, it’s trying to hold you to the character you are on the show. No on understands the psychology of it unless they do a show. When you think about it, it’s really deep psychology. I feel like reality TV is made up of genius producers who put this together the way they can market and manipulate the craft. I’ve learned a lot in business about how you can use that for yourself. 


UG Digital Mag: So let’s talk House of Margeaux (HOFM)!


Margeaux Simms: I studied design when I was in school, and I’ve always wanted to blend with fashion. Design is such an art form, and something has to give. I wanted to do that, and with music, doing my songs, and video treatments, I wanted all these amazing clothes in the videos that sometimes I couldn’t afford. I said I’ll just make what I see in my head. That’s how it came about. Then I decided to make a cool merchandise line for the music. I wanted people to know it’s really coming from me. I’m not just an artist on a big machine and now I have merchandise being sold to you. I wanted it to be organized, and I wanted people to know when they get into my music, they are also getting merchandise from me that I spent time to create and put together. HOFM is the merchandise. I showed at fashion week last year, but I just showed the merch line. I wanted it to be merchandise that people really wanted and can really get into. One day I’ll do a full collection out of it. I had more ideas I started to make while I was on the show, and then people started to ask for certain pieces. From there, I put them on the site and it took a life of it’s own. 


UG Digital Mag: I believe it makes your brand that much better because you’re so hands on and involved. It will do so well for you because of that. 


Margeaux Simms: You have to be involved, and be inspired. I have to be hands on. 


UG Digital Mag: What are your plans over the next year?


Margeaux Simms: For me, the next few singles will be released. I’ll drop the EP. I’ll be performing in Toronto and New York. I’ll also be going to Paris in August. I’ll be in New York working, and also put some things together for Fashion Week. That’s pretty much it. 


UG Digital Mag: I think it’s great that you’re involved in so much. Even with your involvement in SXSW. 


Margeaux Simms: Yes, it’s a huge platform. I’ve always wanted to be part of that. Meeting the other musicians and artists, and connecting with them is a great thing. The showcase I’m a part of is The Color Agent. It’s a great thing to see. 


UG Digital Mag: I’m glad you also mention being from Toronto. We’re seeing so many more people from there. 


Margeaux Simms: Growing up, I’d always hear people say there were black people in Canada, and we’d always laugh. We’d forget there are black people all over the world. We all come from the same places. There’s a lot of culture there. I can’t wait to perform there. 


UG Digital Mag: What are you most proud of about the way things have gone?


Margeaux Simms: I’m most proud of being able to show who I am, and for people to see that I’m an artist. I’ll always be an artist. I’m proud of fighting for my integrity. I can sleep at night. There’s nothing I did that I am ashamed of.


UG Digital Mag: Any final comments at all?


Margeaux Simms: I would say to read more. Seek the people you like and why you like them. Don’t believe everything you see on television. Be smarter, and don’t accept what’s given to you. Be your own leader and don’t take things for face value. Be your own individual.