ATLANTA, June 9, 2015  -- There's a new hip hop artist in town as Ke Turner releases her single "Slick" and a new extended EP later this year. The single is dedicated to Grammy-nominated rapper Ricky "Slick Rick" Walters.

"When other girls my age were playing with Barbie dolls, I began sharpening my ear for music when I used to make impromptu songs to my father's guitar playing. Today I want to speak about real life or spiritual matters that many can relate to with only one goal - to inspire people," Ke Turner said. 

Influenced by past emcees like Roxanne Shante and Nikki D and artists like En Vouge, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige, not only is Ke Turner an emcee and singer but she is also a songwriter. Atlanta-based Ke Turner has previously, between 1997 - 2003, been a part of an all female hip hop group  "Gypcees." With all of the diversified influence she has had its a no brainer why her music has such a culturally rich unique sound & vibe.

The single "Slick" and the upcoming EP are produced by Maseed Productions. 

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