Six months after the murders of a Cleveland family, a suspect has been arrested and charged with their killings. 19-year old James E. Sparks-Henderson has been arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated murder. 

In November 2014, 41-year old Sherita Johnson was murdered along with her unborn baby, 19-year old son Ja'Rio Taylor, his 17-year old girlfriend Shaylona Williams, and her 60-year old boyfriend, Lemon Bryant. Her 9-year old daughter was shot as well, but survived the ordeal. 

In December, we had the opportunity to feature family members of Sherita Johnson on Urban Grandstand Live! They headed a march on New Years' Day to not only honor the memories of his lost loved ones, but to encourage the community to speak up about what they may have seen. 

No details have been released regarding any possible motive, or the connection between Sparks-Henderson and the deceased. Continue to check back, as we'll keep you updated as the story progresses.