Cleveland Teen, Malcupnext, to Release Debut Single May 19...


Cleveland has been on the uprise in terms of music lately, and that trend is set to continue with the upcoming release from rising star Malcolm White. Working under the stage name #Malcupnext, he hails from right here on the streets of Cleveland, and is signed as the premiere act on Camp Purple, a label headed by Big Boi of Outkast and Mr DJ, Outkast's original DJ & Dungeon Family alumni! 

All the buzz literally began from Malcolm and his friend, Brycen Hunt, posting videos of him singing songs like John Legend's Ordinary People via Twitter & Instagram. The videos instantly went viral, and now he's prepared to release his first single, "This Feeling", May 19. 


Surely, it all must be absolutely surreal for the 14-year old Cleveland native. It was only 2 months ago that Malcolm and his friend were interviewed by Wayne Dawson on Fox 8 Cleveland's local morning show (see it here), and now, he's aligned to do huge things in music. It's one thing to be noticed for your talent, but when you're noticed by someone has big as Big Boi, it speaks wonders for your talent. Camp Purple is not Big's first foray into artist development. He first headed up Aquemini Records, which later became Purple Ribbon Entertainment. He was behind the early success of rapper Killer Mike, as well as the success of Janelle Monae. Both were signed to Purple Ribbon. If their current success is any bit of indication, Malcupnext's career will definitely soar. 

Take a moment to visit his Instagram account, @malcupnext, to see recent videos, and be sure to stay tuned into UGDigital for updates.