Just days after catching her 16-year old son throwing rocks at Police Officers in Baltimore, Maryland, Toya Graham has appeared on ABC's The View with her son. 

Graham has been praised by many for literally yanking her son away from recent protests in Baltimore that erupted in the wake of funeral services for Freddie Gray. Gray died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in Baltimore Police custody. 

While on the view, Graham stated that her motherly instincts told her that her son, Michael Singleton, would be present at the protests. When co-host Rosie Perez asked Graham what was going through her mind, she had this to say: "I think because of the fact I had been watching everything on the news and when you're right there with the police, and you're actually seeing these rocks and stones thrown at the police, I was like Oh my God, and to turn around and to see my son right there with a rock, I was like in a rage because at the end of the day this gentleman still lost his life. Throwing rocks at the police is not going to bring him back. That's not our justice."

Michael stated he had gone to fight for those friends he had  known to be beaten and killed. Guest co-host Raven-Symoné jokingly asked Singleton how it felt to get his ass whipped on television. He now says that he knows he is loved. "Now, I feel like my mother do care about me, and I shouldn't have been there."

As for those criticizing Graham for being too rough with her son, she has no qualms about what she did. "I respond to that just by what it was. I'm a single mom taking care of children and when you tell your child to do something and you see they're in self destruct and knowing exactly why he was there and it was for no good, it just brought anger to me. Without the cameras being seen and trying to live on a daily basis and take care of your children and make sure they have somewhere to eat and a roof over their heads, you don't worry about what people are saying because at the end of the day, he's my child. 

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