TK~N~CA$H have been on a steady ascent since they stepped into the world of music. They're hard work got them noticed, and ultimately signed by Violator Management in 2012. They've been working equally as hard since then, honing their craft and solidifying their position in the game. They've worked with a variety of artists, ranging from Trey Songz and Kevin Gates to Young Scooter, Ty Dolla $ign, and August Alsina. They've developed a tremendous amount of respect already in their short career, and the gains show no sign in slowing anytime soon. 

The fellas will be rolling into Cleveland next week for the z1079 Whiteout Bash, which also features Dej Loaf, Tory Lanez, and a host of others on the bill! We caught up with the fellas to talk about their career thus far, their new single "3 Times in a Row" with 2 Chainz, and just what the fans here in Cleveland can expect from their show. 



UG Digital: Thanks to you guys for talking for a few minutes. A lot of people are really feeling your new track with 2 Chainz, "3 Times in a Row". Talk to me about your style and what you guys represent as a group...

TK: What we bring to the table is originality. We go in the studio and we’re ourselves. If it’s a turn up record, that’s what we do, or if it’s a relationship or conscious record, that’s what we do. We just go with what we feel. We never go in with the intention of coming out with a certain sound. 

UG Digital: I think there's a different level of respect for you guys because people see how hard you have worked to get to this point and it hasn't been overnight. The fact that you started from the ground up, were blessed to be obviously noticed and signed by Chris Lightly before he passed away, and being where you are at this point. What's been the biggest lesson for you in getting established?

CA$H: The biggest thing we’ve learned is just to stay at it and stay down. We’ve had so many ups and downs in our career where a lot of people would have given up. The main things is never to give up. Once you give up you never make it to that finish line. 

UG Digital: We've heard you on a number of tracks throughout the months, and even the past year, with artists from Young Scooter and PeeWee Longway to artists like Ty Dolla $ign and August Alsina. People are realizing more and more just how much Star power you have. Talk about what people can expect from you in terms of your own album?


TK: Right now, we’re just focused on putting singles out and building that foundation. We have a dope foundation right now, but it can always be stronger so we’re trying to build on that before we even present an album. We want it to be all the way right. Thanks to my brother because he wants it to be all the way right. When the fans want that album, we’ll give it to ‘em, but right now we’re focused on giving them great music. 


UG Digital: It’s great that you guys work great in a collaborative sense with other artists but at the same time, where does the separation come in? What's the difference, as some would ask? What will make you last for years to come? 


CA$H: We just do us. You can never duplicate TK, CA$H, or us as a group. We always go in the studio and talk real life situations. Anything we go through, we talk about it inside the studio. That’s really what separates us. We speak whatever we feel like speaking that we are going through. 


UG Digital: We really wanted to make it an even bigger point to catch up with you guys because you'll be here in our city in less than two weeks. We're doing some pretty big things here in the city and as time goes on, more celebrities are more attracted to what we have. You're helping us in that aspect by coming to rock with us. What kind of connection, if any, do you guys have to Cleveland?


CA$H: Everytime we step foot in Cleveland, it’s always love. Of course, we’ll continue coming back when the love is there. That’s what it’s all about. 


UG Digital: What can your fans here expect to see when you come for the z1079 Whiteout 2015 event?


TK: I don’t want to spill the beans on the show, but anytime you come to a TK~N~CA$H show, you're going to have fun. 


UG Digital: I love the energy you guys bring to your craft. Over a stretch of recent years, some artists speak negatively about the experiences in the industry where it’s more like a job. Obviously there’s a lot of work that goes into it all, but in the end, you’re kicking it and performing with people you listen to and look up to. I would think it has to be exciting to even be on an event like this, which also features Dej LoafTory Lanez, Preme Dibiasi, & Lil' Cray! How has it been in general, connecting with artists like them and the people you love in music?


CA$H: Those are our peers. None of our features are forced either, so the people on the bill, we know them. We respect them, and they respect us the same. It’s definitely a dope situation. 


UG Digital: In terms of final comments, is their anything you want to leave your fans with, especially here in Cleveland, until they see you on December 10?


Just follow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Our handle everywhere is @Tkncash … We go on tour in January but before then, we may have some special surprises. We're ready to come and turn up in Cleveland.