Kathy has been in radio, broadcasting, and media news for over 22 years. She launched Source Radio Network on October 21, 2013 and airs daily on BlogTalk Radio, www.blogtalkradio.com/sourceradio, (Monday through Friday 6-8 pm EST), and also on Saturday's, from 1-3 pm on our Sister Station, Gospel Is Golden Radio. Source Radio Network is an online radio show with a dynamic host, Kathy B. I'm coming to you with Real life events, on Real talk radio, Real people and guest. We will have "Grown Folks" conversations on:
• Relationships
• Politics
• Sports
• Religious views


Our demographics are as follows:


25-54 Adults; 50,000 listeners;


78% Women 32% Men


32 top radio markets:


Including, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, and LA 22 Countries: Including, Guam, South Africa, China, Thailand, Barbados, Bahamas, Peru, and Paraguay.



To be a guest on a platform with Kathy B is a blessing. It's always something new each Monday as we talk about relationships in the 21st century. I look forward to a long business relationship. 

--Terry Bams


Kathy B's radio show is not only informative but enlightening. She engages her on-air guests and audience in pertinent conversations that concern all communities across America and around the world. She is a seasoned radio veteran that makes you feel as if you're talking with a close family member. I readily go on her show when an invitation is extended to me." 

--Yolanda Spivey National Journalist for Your Black World