LET ME TURN YOU ON (an oldie but goodie)



Artist: Quadron

Album: Quadron

Words by: Ms. O'Ney


The shape shifting, voice of CoCo O and the production genius of Robin Hannibal combine to create Quadron.  A Danish duo based out of the city of Angels (L.A. for those of you who didn’t watch rowdy motorcycle movies in the 80’s), Quadron’s been making noise for a few years.  They released the album in this review, Quadron, in 2009.  According to Wikipedia, they are “self-proclaimed to provide ‘electronic soul music’.”  Although it seems less than probable that either of these Danish born talents jumped at the chance to box themselves in as “electronic soul”, it surprisingly fits.  It’s very electronic yet has just enough soul to move yours.  I was moved by the song, Unpatience

Unpatience was my introduction to Quadron and it blew my mind!  I’d just downloaded the OrangeRoom Radio app (one of the hippest stations on internet radio) to serve as the soundtrack to my shower.  About ten minutes into this hot and steamy cleansing ritual, I heard an abstract percussive beat with a couple of affected piano notes sweetly dripping in between the bold edges of something hypnotic…and then I heard her voice. I stood there stuck for a moment but quickly decided to jump out of the shower to see who it was. I snapped a shot of the song’s artwork so I could research it later.  It was CoCo O’s voice that was so captivating.  Not just her tone, but there was a strength in the softness of her voice that commanded me to take notice; let alone the use of a word that really isn’t a word, but everyone can identify with.  It was the desperate, matter-of-factness in the way she sang that one word: Unpatience.  The mixture of hip hop, electronic, bass and drum. Perfect simplicity.  The blaring synths break up what could easily become monotony, but never had a chance. After finding which album this song was a part of, I figured it had to be half as good as this song.  I took a chance and I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s good. It’s really good.  Every song has its own identity.  It’s all the same vibe but the mood is like a ballroom dance.  There’s variety and it isn’t simply due in part to the unique vocals. Their musical union is like peanut butter and jam.  They work very well together. The production is smart and there is no doubt they dig Hip Hop (CoCo O featured on music by Tyler, The Creator, Pharrell).

Musician, Robin Hannibal, shows versatility in his production while maintaining true to his influences. He is a part of an Electronica collective called the Boom Clap Bachelors and his resume reads like a rapper’s dream.  The song, Lob Stop Sta, Tiden flyver ft Liv Lykke, by Boom Clap Bachelors was sampled by Kendrick Lamar and became both artist’s first commercial hit, …Don’t Kill My Vibe.  Hannibal is now a Grammy award-winning producer because of this sample.  The album Quadron is full of memorable musical moments.  A good producer is great at that.


Some of the songs that stand out on this album are: Day, Tone, Jeans and of course UnpatienceDay begins with a seductive clarinet trickling through the atmosphere like raindrops down a windowpane on a sexy summer evening. Hypnotic vocals slither along the padded synths like the caramel that drips from a candy apple.   Sweet.  Innocent.  Sounds a lot like Corrine Bailey Rae or even Sade. Tone reminds me of the bones of a Prince interlude…perhaps something he would’ve written for Apollonia; nothing to blow your mind but ambiguous enough to make you stick around. Slick, simple and tasty. Jeans is in your face. It boasts chicken grease guitar licks chicky chankying over a funky bass line.  Insert handclaps and horns hitting in all the right places (and that one hyper horn kid that just can’t control himself in a good way).  It’s just enough to make you grin and say James Brown found his way into everyone’s playlist.  Proving that it’s cool to be into your own jeans.  Be yourself. Be Love.  This album’s bragging rights are its ability to interweave the delicate and the vibrant, both musically and lyrically.  This is a masterpiece that also reminds me of the importance of paying respect to those who’ve influenced and paved the way.  It’s a solid album with several pieces of brilliance flittering throughout.  Quadron by Quadron is absolutely Pentecostal Girl approved.

Ms. O’Ney