words by: james johnson

As the annual TDOTFest quickly approaches, we’ve made it a point, just as in previous years, to connect with multiple talent from the festivities. We had a few moments to catch up with new artist Melxdie, who is is quickly rising to superstardom with her amazing talent. Her “bad-ass” persona is catching the eye of many, and we see her going on to do amazing things in the industry. We were able to talk briefly about her uprising in the industry, and TDOTFest, where she’ll be performing this year!



U.G. Digital Magazine: It’s so amazing to connect with you Melxdie. Start by talking about how you got your start?


Melxdie: My dad was a musician. Ever since I was a kid, I was in music, piano, and I wanted to do dance. My mom would always push me to sing, but I was always very shy. Pretty soon, I started recording music.  


U.G. Digital Magazine: I love the persona you exemplify. There’s this “bad-ass” feel that people get, and I think it’s dope. Talk about some of the projects you’ve been able to work on so far?


Melxdie: My dad wrote a lot of music, and he would have me sing his songs. Once I moved out, I connected with some producers. I went in to just be a vocalist on some tracks, but once I started singing, they really liked it. My family saw what I was doing, and my boyfriend suggested I take it seriously. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: What’s the ultimate thing you want to represent as a female artist?


Melxdie: To be a woman in the industry is awesome. There’s not a lot of women represented right now. I just want to make everyone proud and represent in the appropriate way. I feel like I have a voice now. It’s easy to express myself and put things into words. If I can help women find their voice, I’m happy. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Women don’t get the respect they deserve in music, and often are ignored. What things are you doing, consciously or otherwise, that will help you to get that respect and attention, and ultimately change things for people who come behind you?


Melxdie: As women, we often feel we have to be submissive, and while I may have some of that personality, I try to push past that, and push my team more. I’m trying not to be afraid to voice my opinion. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: I really wanted to touch on TDOTFest. How’s it feel to be part of this huge event?


Melxdie: I’m really excited. I’m working hard to prepare. I’m excited to perform, and I just want it to be perfect. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Is there a timeline on releases that you’re working on?


Melxdie: My first single should be coming very soon. No dates yet, but it should be very soon. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: It’s all so exciting. I appreciate you and am excited for people to get to know you. Where can peoole get you online?


Melxdie: I’m on Instagram at @melxdieyoung


U.G. Digital Magazine: Awesome. Thank you again so much. Are there any final words at all? Words of encouragement?


Melxide: Thank you as well. I’m truly honored. It’s hard word, and there’s many obstacles, but you have to keep your mind focused and stay humble. Don’t let the obstacles discourage you. It’s all worth it in the end.