Foxx Williams has been making his way around the industry, and is definitely building a solid foundation for himself. His music has done extremely well throughout Europe and around the world. With singles like "Wine Up" and "Call me", he's certainly appealing to musical fans of all genres. His strong work ethic shows that he is "DESTINED TO SHINE". We recently had some time to chat with Foxx as he prepares for both the release of his upcoming project, “So Round”, and his upcoming performance at TDOT Fest. 




U.G. Digital Magazine: Thank you so much for your time today man. It’s such a great opportunity in getting to know you. Start by talking about how you transitioned into music?


Foxx Williams: I started from an early age. My mom would tell you I sang into the vacuum cleaner as a 4-year old (laughing). I sang in choirs, groups, and talent shows through high school. Soccer was my main love at that time, but I soon realized my true love was music. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: It shows in the content. A lot of people would look at you as a new artist still, but you have a lot of good music. Talk about your process of putting it all together?


Foxx Williams: It’s been a long journey. Of late, it’s been about teaming with the right producers. I have a few people I work with on songwriting. I also teamed with DJs and labels in Europe which really helped. The first thing I did in Europe was in Italy. I did something with Mr Russell, who is a DJ there in Naples. My family is from Jamaica, and I’m first generation Canadian. Being from Toronto, it’s one of the most multicultural communities the world. You really get a vibe for the different cultures. It hasn’t been difficult for me to transition into different genres because I’ve experienced it all. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Have you struggled getting exposure in Toronto?


Foxx Williams: To be honest, you find one or two artists from Toronto who things just really blew for them. Most artists have a struggle. Toronto is known as the screw face capital of the world. Drake was not always appreciated as much as he is now. That’s the truth. I remember he had the song “The City is Mine” and people were asking who is this guy. Eventually, people jump on the wave. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how It works, just so long as it works. My path took me to Europe, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland ….. When I go abroad the music is appreciated, and it gives me motivation to continue pushing here. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: You’ve worked with so many people. What’s your experience of connecting with others?


Foxx Williams: It’s been a blessing. Like, I’ve learned a lot from Choclair, and it’s nice to see what people like he, and others, do for preparation. I look up to these guys. I did some work with Karl Wolf, and you begin to see the ways they do things. I’m my own artist, and I see things with people that I like, and can incorporate into my artistry. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: What projects are you working on right now?





Foxx Williams: I’m working on a single now, and prepping to shoot a video. I have a couple tracks I’ll release in Poland. I have a lot of things in the works. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Sounds amazing. How can people keep up with you online?


Foxx Williams: Definitely on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, etc. If you search for me, I’m there, and looking forward to share this new wave of music. It’s all kinds of different genres. 


U.G. Digital Magazine: Any type of final words, words of encouragement?


Foxx Williams: Thank you to Sasha Stoltz. She’s truly a diamond in the rough. Honestly, it’s all a blessing, and if I keep pushing positivity, the same will come back to me. To those who have hated on me, thank you. Those who have supported, thank you. I need both to grow. I don’t want a bunch of yes men. I need people to tell me the truth. To any other artist trying to figure out what they want to do, I say the world is a big place. People may not support you in one place, but the world is big. Continue to push and be humble. Stay humble. Anything can happen.