We're excited to provide coverage of the upcoming Canadian Urban Music Conference, here at Urban Grandstand Digital. Having covered this conference prior, we're clear that the conference presents an amazing opportunity to so many artists who are looking to build awareness of their music and brand. In this section, you will find news updates, as well as exclusive interviews with this year's participants, and a special upcoming exclusive with the Founder of CUMC, Eb Reinbergs himself. Take a moment to check out what we have. 




Eb Reinbergs (Founder) / Carlin James / Gee Wunder / JD Era / Karl Wolf / DRU / Jay Evans / Bae the Artist


--> 9/22/15....Carlin James to Perform at the Toronto Urban Music Festival....




Carlin James is not your average artist! He has been working extremely hard at spreading awareness about his brand of music, and things are finally beginning to pay off for him. He's not taking part in the Toronto Urban Music Festival, and quite frankly, it's about to go down like never before. Check out our exclusive, where he talks about his current projects, and what's in store for the CUMC!


Gee Wunder is no stranger to this industry. In less than a decade, he has solidified his place in this industry, not only building his fanbase, but creating his own label, which has allowed him to release nearly 20 independent projects in the last 7 years. He's definitely that industry role model for anyone aspiring to do music in the Toronto area, as he has created his own blueprint to success. Gee Wunder will be taking part in this year's CUMC, and we have an exclusive interview with him to talk about his involvement, as well as the many things he has going on, not only for himself, but for his roster.