Antonio Ramsey: The Unveiling

We’re excited to reconnect with Antonio Ramsey for this feature in support of “The Unveiling”. It’s been a long time coming for Antonio, and without a doubt, it’s been a true process. Naturally, we chat about the new project and what he’s delivering to R&B fans in this masterpiece, but we also go in-depth about the overall process, the delays and slight depression that followed, and the ultimate triumph that resulted. His time has arrived, and the stars are truly aligning for Antonio. Check out the feature below!

U.G. Digital Mag: This is such an amazing opportunity to connect with you again. I know you and I talked about a year ago, so  It’s cool to reconnect and talk about the EP/ 

Antonio Ramsey: I’m excited, and thank y’all so much for the cover. 

U.G. Digital Mag: It’s great to come full circle, and I appreciate you for this. Aside from the project being done now, what’s happening?

Antonio Ramsey: A lot. I’m now on an indie collective called Soulful of Noise. We’re going to different regions and performing on the west coast. It’s amazing Indie talent, and we’re showing what we love to do. I’m on that tour, and I have a couple opportunities in film. My main goal was finishing the project. I’m so proud of it, through the blood, sweat, and tears. It’s my first project. 

U.G. Digital Mag: Talk about the process of putting it together. The last time we talked, I know we spoke about it. It’s really good for people aspiring to do this to know what can happen in the process because I know we spoke of it being ready to come out some time ago. Obviously, things happen; setbacks and such, and it gets pushed back. Talk about what went down?

Antonio Ramsey: Definitely. Everybody’s journey as an artist will always be different, and I can’t stress that enough, man. Everybody sees other artists have a great year, and think their year may be like that too. The reality is that it may not be anything like it. You can’t go into it saying this will be my time. Your time will be whenever it comes. Some of the things I went through was wanting things to drop in my time, such as videos, singles, and so on. One of the things about this is you have to invest in yourself. Instead of spending that money on them shows, or food, put that money in your account, get some licensing, and so on. Now me, I’m a real strong-headed person. When I want something, I want it. 

U.G. Digital Mag: [Laughing] That’s me too man…

Antonio Ramsey: Exactly. When I want it, my mind is made up. But in the music industry, you can’t be that way, especially coming up as an indie artist. Everything is not going to happen the way you want it to. There was a situation with the “Rituals” video where we tried to get it placed on a few outlets. Sometimes, you’re on their time in terms of publishers and journalists. You have to wait it out sometimes, and you end up waiting one, two, three, six months, which slows your release. You can’t take it to heart when things like this happen. You have to keep the ball rolling and keep pushing to get it out when you can. One of the main things I had to learn was to take it day by day and not stress. Stress got me, and I was depressed for a good six months. I’m the most energetic, outspoken and loud person, so for me feel like the world was closing in on me was crazy. I was trying to shake it, but I couldn’t. But that was just me letting the stress out, dealing with the why’s, and the things that overpowered the music. It ultimately gave me the steam I needed to finish the project. 


U.G. Digital Mag: How do you pull yourself out of a funk like that? That in itself is something major, and we all go through it. Not even fronting, I’ve recently gone through it, I’ll say even as recent as this morning. My emotions can go back and forth pretty quick, but then music pulls me through though. Even today, I through on some Faith Evans and the music cleaned that up.

Antonio Ramsey: For everybody, they have to find the thing that makes them take a step back and look at everything positively. My thing is music as well. To be able to create, I need the right energy and feeling around me. Everybody goes through a time where we question what is life. God allows us to step back and figure out why we’re here. I know a lot of people who had major dreams, and let the stress and depression overpower those dreams. If you want it, go get it. Anything you want to do, go do it. You never want to wake up and regret not doing, or saying. 

U.G. Digital Mag: That’s what’s up man. I feel like I’m being ministered to. That’s definitely what’s up.

Antonio Ramsey: [Laughing] You know that’s them down south roots man….

U.G. Digital Mag: A lot of people need to hear that. They don’t hear it enough. I do believe all happens in divine order though. 

Antonio Ramsey: Yea. You just have to focus. As long as you’re prepared, you’re good. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. The time will come. Don’t ever give up. You just have to hold on and let it come to you. 

U.G. Digital Mag: So what are you unveiling in this project?

Antonio Ramsey: What I’m so excited for, and why we called it “The Unveiling”, is I feel like I’m lifting the veil for all the things that have been holding me down. It’s been three years that I’ve been working on this. It means so much because I’m letting people into my world that I’ve come to grips with. I’m Antonio Ramsey. I’m a down south brother who loves R&B music, and also loves trap music. I love to say what I want to say, how I want to say it. I don’t offend nobody, but I’m real honest. I feel like back in the day, with artists like Gerald Levert, or Ron Isley, they were saying what they wanted to say, straight with no chaser, and it was all about what they made you feel. They took you out of your everyday world, brought you into their worlds, and made you feel a certain way. I wanted every track on my album to speak to something in that manner. Everything is not always peaches and cream. Love don’t always rule the world. Sometimes you have heartache. Sometimes you have trash; hence my new single [laughing]. You have people who do trashy things. I want to touch on everything and be a voice for everybody. Sometimes the fellas are out here trying to talk to their women and don’t know what to say. I want to be a voice for everybody, and spit it out straight, no chaser. I’m just really unveiling what you can expect from Antonio Ramsey moving forward. 

U.G. Digital Mag: “Rituals” and “Trash” both give a great glimpse at the range of your vocal power. What more can we expect throughout the rest of the EP?

Antonio Ramsey: Listen, like I said, I love all kinds of music. Not tooting my own horn[laughing], but it’s grooving. You got some soul, some old school, heavy 808s, trap, and you get a full experience. 

U.G. Digital Mag: The typical EP is seven tracks or so. How many do you have?

Antonio Ramsey: It’s six records. We’ll have some visuals as well. We’re just finishing it all up. It’s inching closer and closer, so I’m really excited. The response is overwhelming. People feel it, and I’m excited to see how it goes. 

U.G. Digital Mag: I love that it’s an EP. It allows fans to get a good taste without being overloaded. A lot of people aren’t buying full projects anymore, and it sucks because it becomes harder to get into the minds of the artist. I go back to the D’Angelos, and the Lauryns, and Mary J.’s, and it’s just not the same today. Do you think doing the EP will be better for you in terms of reaching your audience?

Antonio Ramsey: We chose to do an EP because we didn’t want to oversaturate. I wanted to give them solid tracks and offer it in the correct way. I think I was able to accomplish that.

U.G. Digital Mag: ….and finally, I imagine you’ll continue touring along the way. 

Antonio Ramsey: Right. We’re booking venues left and right. We’re letting them know the funk trap lives.