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We're so glad you're here! With our newly designed platform, we've launched a few new options in terms of subscribing to U.G. Digital Magazine. We’re proud to offer U.G. Digital SIMPLICITY, and U.G. Digital EXTREME. We’re sure that between the two, you’ll find everything you need within our pages, plus more. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the new options, and are continuously working to build additional options for your online reading pleasure. See the descriptions and options below for greater detail!


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U.D. Digital Simplicity is just the way it sounds. It keeps it all simple, for those who don't need the big fuss! U.G. Digital Simplicity represents our Totally FREE version of U.G. Digital Magazine. Simply continue to browse as you've been doing. Read the articles! Become active in the blogs and chats! Access our previous issues, which are now all FREE content. All future digital issues are inclusive within U.G. Digital Extreme. It's all simplified, just for YOU!




U.G. Digital EXTREME is your ticket to more! U.G. Digital EXTREME is your best option, as it will give you full access to the basic and premium content featured within U.G. Digital. Premium content, of course, can be purchased and downloaded a-la-carte, however, you stand to save a lot more by simply. We have multiple subscription packages/options to suit your needs.