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We're so glad you're here! With our newly designed platform, we've launched new subscription options here at U.G. Digital Magazine. First and foremost, you can subscribe directly here on the website. We do still have our stand-alone link for subscriptions directly to U.G. Digital Magazine, but it can now be done here as well. Secondly, we have additional options which now include multiple access levels and PREMIUM content. Our PREMIUM subscription includes FULL access to, with articles, stories, interviews, and more info that will now be inaccessible through our FREE version, which is now titled U.G.Digital SIMPLICITY. We continue to offer 3 price points for our magazine subscription, but for an additional $10.00/year, you can now gain access to our PREMIUM content! See our subscription options below. 




U.D. Digital Simplicity keeps it simple, for those who don't need the big fuss! U.G. Digital Simplicity represents our FREE version of U.G. Digital Magazine. Simply continue to browse as you've been doing. Read the articles! Become active in the blogs and chats! It's all simplified, just for YOU!




U.G. Digital GOLD is your ticket to more! U.G. Digital GOLD is a 6-month, or 1-year subscription to our digital print magazine via MAGZTER. Of course, this includes our FREE issues, but also includes our paid issues, as well as special released artist tribute issues. Best of all, you'll have full access to your issues via our mobile APP as well. Get it all for $6.99, or $9.99! 




U.G. Digital GOLD is your ticket to more! More stories! More interviews! More, More, More! It's a little extra for those who want to get more of the exclusivity of U.G. Digital Magazine. Gain full access to podcasts, online radio broadcasts, the full digital print version of our magazine, and more with our PLATINUM version of U.G. Digital Magazine. Also have prime access to newly added features as they are created and added to the fold! Get it all for an introductory rate of $14.95 for your first year, and $19.95 each additional year.