There’s a lot of excitement that comes with the release of Ida Divine’s latest album, ‘I Rise to the Top”. She shows a great deal of promise as a musician, and it’s quite evident by the selection of songs featured on this LP. 


Released on Nu Vybe Records, “I Rise to the Top” features production by music industry veteran Herb Middleton, among a host of others, and guest appearances from rapper Buckshot, and Emanuel DeAnda, who most remember as the former lead singer of Pretty Ricky. 


The influence is clear when listening to the album. At times, you hear a little Mary j. Blige, and at others, you think of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and even Lauryn Hill. Writing her own tunes, soulful belting out the notes, and spitting a few flows here and there, she is indeed a triple threat. It’s all quite seamless how she pulls it all together. Regardless how many artists claim to have the ability, very few pull it off in the way Ida Divine has. The fire and raw emotion she offers is unmatched amongst her peers in this day and age of music. In her own way, she’s giving you what urban music has been missing for quite some time. It’s not just about R&B music anymore, but the entire genre of urban music.


“I Rise to the Top” offers a variety of standouts, ranging from “Hard Love”, “IG My Shoe Game”, and “1979” to “Faces”, “Never Really Come Down”, and the album’s title track. It’s a great follow-up to the music we’ve heard in her past releases. Already taking the industry by storm, this release will only take her a few notches higher. At the rate she’s going, she’ll eventually be running the industry.