So many people in the industry shout independence, but Durell Peart reigns supreme when it comes down to it. This piece is one that is dear to me, primarily because I have personal knowledge of Peart’s work in this business. I had the pleasure and blessing of connecting with this brother a few years back, and from that connection, we were granted the opportunity to feature a handful of his artists. Fast forward to now, and here we are, now featuring Peart himself. It’s all so exciting because through this feature, you’ll get a true sense of what it takes not only to be an artist manager, but to be a true mogul. This brother is doing his thing, and he’s a prime example of what we as African Americans can do within our communities with just a little hard work. In this business of entertainment, he’s doing some amazing things to help so many people, and quite frankly, any manager can take a page from his book when it comes down to running their business and keeping things together. We’re proud to offer you Durell Peart with Reign of Independence!

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