It’s always an awesome experience connecting with Mr. Darrin Dewitt Henson. Early on in his career, we watched the impact he made as Lem Van Adams on the Showtime hit series, Soul Food. Since then, we’ve witness him conquer the entertainment industry like no other. Not only has he acted in film after film; he’s also built a successful career as both an author and a choreographer. Henson has amassed an enormous amount of respect, but more importantly, the amount of power he has in this industry has risen tremendously. This article is two fold, as we’re not only aiming to honor Mr. Henson for his talent and hard work; we’re also connecting to discuss the role he plays in the upcoming film, The Products of The American Ghetto. The story revolves around a young boy determined to keep both his mother and sister away from prostitution by dealing drugs. Much like his past works, this films find Henson in yet another groundbreaking role that sets the pace for an amazing storyline. In this feature, we talk about the film and his involvement. Finally, we discuss the balance of it all and how he makes it all come together. One of the many things you gain here is a sense of how humble he’s remained through the years, and how that ultimately has allowed many of his blessings to flourish. We’re thrilled to present to you, Mr. Darrin Dewitt Henson!


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