What more could one need after a tall glass of lemonade? Could a response album be in the works from rapper Jay-Z? Sources are hinting at just that. If speculation is correct, the rapper may indeed be working on a full album in response to Beyoncé’s hit album “Lemonade”, which saw a surprise release nearly two weeks ago. 


Beyoncé dropped the album, which instantly soared to the top of the Billboard charts, exclusively via Tidal 2 days before it was released via streaming giants like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play. The album, which chronicles the supposed strife in their marriage following alleged cheating, caused a fire storm of rumors, including who Beyoncé was referring to in the lyrics “he better call Becky with the good hair”. Of course, Beyoncé has been mum about the situation. Currently, she can be seen out on her Formation tour, which kicked off a week ago in Miami, FL. 


“Lemonade” is currently available via most online streaming services.