Just after promoting his new Christmas offering, Anthony Hamilton is back, this time with a 12-track set that is sure to set the industry ablaze. Led by the melodic tune “Amen”, Hamilton is digging deep into his emotions and sharing both his pain and happiness with this LP. He’s dealt with so much throughout the past year, most significantly his divorce, and it’s easy to see that this album was his way of releasing and coming to grips with it all.


Hamilton worked with a few familiar names on this LP who have helped him throughout the years in building, including Salaam Remi, James Poser, and Mark Batson, who has worked with a who’s who of entertainers throughout the years, and contributed heavily to Hamilton’s 2003 So So Def release, Comin’ From Where I’m From.

On a personal note, it’s always great to get new music from Anthony Hamilton. With each release, he ventures down new avenues, trying different things with his music, and it always results in multiple masterpieces that long-resonate with his fanbase. Examples of that include “Never Letting Go”, which features Vince Gill, and “Ain’t No Shame” with Gary Clark, Jr. Personally, I’m loving “What I’m Feelin” which features the Hamiltones.

It’s difficult to single out specific tracks as standouts, because truthfully, the entire album gels quite nicely. What’s nice with Hamilton is that while you’ve come to know what to expect with his releases, the flip side is that you still get something new each time around. He makes it a point to deliver what his fanbase has come to expect while still evolving with the industry and times. Fans will thoroughly enjoy “What I’m Feelin’”.