February 17, 2016 - Today, Zachary Murdock, the multi-talented, soul inspired singer, songwriter and rapper releases the official music video for emotional single, “I’ve Looked Everywhere," off his recently dropped EP For The Mad Ones. The visually stimulating video proves Zachary’s capabilities as a true artist who has a profound message.


"I’ve Looked Everywhere," directed by award winning film director Matthew Charof, is a song and video about finding the mystrious truth that is hidden within your heart. In honor of World Human Spirit Day, Murdock explains, "Often we are presented with limited options: conform or rebel; hate or love. But there must be more! Instead of accepting definitions and boundaries, it is our job as humans to push past these man-made walls, explore outer space and inner space and bring back the unique magic that we discover. With this project, I wanted to point towards that other way, the way that only you can find, the way that the 'mad ones' throughout time have travelled." "I've Looked Everywhere and I can't find my home and my heart is the only unturned stone." The answer is in you.


For The Mad Ones is produced Grammy award winner Benny Reiner (Hamilton) and Grammy award nominee !llmind (Drake, J.Cole). Artwork for the EP is by conceptual artist Eoin Coigan.


Good Music All Day said, “[Zachary’s] unique blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Electronica is further uplifted by affecting, poetic lyrics that suggest a dynamic understanding of human truths. With satisfying melodies and upbeat hooks, [Zachary] has proven the ability to captivate even the most casual music fans.”


Born in London, Murdock received a degree in Creative Writing from the New School in New York City. In addition to being a solo artist, he is a founding member of the popular New York-based group, Smokey Robotic.  With five group albums, over 30 music videos, two major ad campaigns, several children’s books and over a decade of mixed media collaboration to his name, Murdock divides his time between Harlem and Venice, making a lasting creative imprint on both coasts.