I felt compelled to drop a few lines and point you all to check out the amazing artistry offered by @zero2aphiniti! We had the opportunity to check her ou today at the @ohiohiphopaward #HipHopHomecoming, and she was dope would be an understatement. Behind her gruff, no holds barred-type posterior lies an enormous amount of talent and charisma. You actually have to hear her spew her rhymes to get what I'm saying. While brief and lasting only minutes, she delivered a rousing set that, to me, was worthy of praise, and showed that she takes this game seriously. I see so many big things happening for her, and I promise, we WILL get her in the pages of UGD! Until then I want to point you to her online sites so you can see and get an idea of what I'm talking about. If you're here in town this weekend, you must check her out throughout the weekend at the OHHA events! 

Instagram: @zero2aphiniti

Twitter: @zero2aphiniti



Check out this video from Aphiniti & Cleveland's Trump! Shouts to @clevelandstrump as well for the video, which we pulled from YouTube!