The 'Deflate Gate' saga has been a long, dragged out process for months on end as expected and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell finally came down with a surprising decision after a reported settlement could not be reached.  New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady was given a 4-game suspension for his alleged involvement in deflating footballs thus affecting his credibility and reputation as a 4-time Superbowl Champion and future Hall of Famer to some degree.  His apparent defiance to fully comply with investigators and destroying the cellphone that may have contained the infamous text messages needed to provide evidence against his favor, led to the NFL's hard stance on the accomplished QB.  An argument can be made that this suspension, on its own merit, is too harsh. The outcome of the AFC Championship game, where it was first discovered the footballs that the Patriots' offense were using weren't fully inflated, would not have been much different.  But who's to say that he may haven't done this before, and in how many more games.  There's also been over a decade of suspected tampering of rules and foul play from the Patriot's organization highlighted by the 'Spygate' incident that took place during their run towards a perfect season back in 2007, which would make those on the side of the Patriot QB think that this particular punishment was a culmination of all the years of suspicions from other football organizations across the league.  We also have the Greg Hardy situation, where the Cowboy defensive end was charged for domestic violence against his former girlfriend and had a 10-game suspension reduced to 4 games, thus equaling the amount of games served by Tom Brady for just allegedly inflating some footballs.  On its face, the two suspensions shouldn't carry the same weight(no pun intended), but it appears Brady's defiance and perceived arrogance towards this whole ordeal is only making things worst for him and the New England Patriots organization.  But owner Robert Kraft is now making a public spectacle of the NFL's decision by vehemently showing his disdain for the judgement that was given by the league and for these reasons, now there is nowhere to turn or hide from the news of this controversy, which seems to be consuming all airwaves and forms of media.  It is sadly draining from the positive NFL stories taking place, like having the first female to coach in some capacity at the NFL level and the start of training camps across the league.  So perhaps, because of this huge annoyance and distraction of a story,  the 4-game suspension is warranted or maybe he should just admit to his involvement in 'Deflate Gate' so we can all move on with our lives and look forward  to the upcoming 2015 football season.