Album Review: @EricBellinger ... Cuffing Season



R&B is making quite he turn-around and it's definitely a good thing. Artists are actually taking the time to put together albums that truly feed the souls of music lovers. So is the case with Eric Bellinger and his new release, Cuffing Season. 

Bellinger is part of that fresh crop of artists taking R&B to the next level. They're not concerned about the current trends in music and not trying to sound like anything else that's out. They're simply following their heart and striving to make good, timeless music. It's important to know Bellinger's history when listening to this album. It gives you that amazing opportunity to feel and witness his growth in song. He's released a string of successful albums independently, along with writing a number of top selling songs for numerous artists. He's received several Grammies for his work with Chris Brown. 


Cuffing Season boasts a number of jewels throughout. The world is singing the time of his single "Creep", which reworks the smash hit "Creep" by TLC while featuring T-Boz on vocals. "Focused on You" channels the Bravehearts' "Oochie Wally" and featured 2Chainz & Mya while "Text Threads" channels Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It". Other winners on Cuffing Season include "The Summary", "Overrated" which borrows from the theme of "Living Single", "iPod on Shuffle" which is reminiscent of Silk's "Meeting in my Bedroom", and "Gina", which playfully borrows its theme from the hit show Martin. I feel like in his own way, he's paying homage to what we enjoyed in music and entertainment during the nineties. He's showing how his music and overall style have been influenced by those things. Tank drops in on "Turn Down 4 You" while Boosie adds his flair on "You Can Have the Hoes". 

Overall, Cuffing Season is a great listen, and a break from the norm of music.